Random Things You Did!

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  1. Post here some things you did today on EMC.
  2. Ehh... I asked chickeneer to add a res loc on smp8 town spawn and he did. now we can spawn at the top and use elytra =D
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  3. Went to my fav shop (/smp9 /v 18262) 5 times to see what was new
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  5. Uhh... let's see... I went exploring in the End for nearly 6 hours and finally found an Elytra.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  8. ᖗ☯ᴥ☯ᖘ
    Today I Used 25k To buy a Dragon Head and went exploring in the wastes to find dungeons!
  9. Whats the loc?
  10. /v +up or /v town_spawn up
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  11. I got caught up in an Ender dragon fight and died 2 times.
  12. today or yesterday? ;)

    Yesterday I raided an ocean monument, got 4 gold blocks, 27 sponge bobs, err: blocks and plenty of monument blocks.
    Today I did the same thing again, but this time together with some other players and also collected enough material to write a guide about it :) Only 1 gold block for me though (Aya and me figured it was more fair to only take 1 each and let the others have the rest of the gold & monument).
  13. your frind is your alt?
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  14. Went to the End and helped kill the dragon twice. And mined alot of endstone.
  15. Not the one I referred to in this post, no :)
  16. Well, I began this little texture adventure. :D

    It is a WIP but I love it. Stone Slab looks SUPER nice and just brighten up builds, don't you think?
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  17. Found a super small city with ship.
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  18. Played on the fire floor