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    WOOT ART SUBSECTION on the forums
    now is the time to make more art, everyone :3
    I guess this will be the place where I post my random stuff.
    Poke and remind every once in a while to post something.
    I've been having so many ideas and thoughts and questions,
    which I need to post when I'm more awake and when I've organized
    my thoughts, sort of.
    Mew :3
  2. *cheers* More of Palm's awesome drawing style; yay! ^.^
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  3. Drawing Palmsugar style! *music*
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  4. ^.^

    means for me: Yay!
    Oh I love those faces xD
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  5. Stop flattering me too much >. <
    Oh and if you want to see something special like a tutorial... ? Let me know :p

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  6. It feels so special to have bitemenow coming at you :p I remember suddenly not feeling so alone any more after bite came up the stairs of my little waste cottage :)
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  8. Oh shavingfoam :p
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  9. I seriously wonder if we should make a special server just for noobs, and not allow them out for a month or so...
  10. As long as it's not smp5 I'm okay with it :p But I would miss my daily dose of humour though >.<
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  11. Okay so I guess for now this is a shavingfoam & noob series :p (sorry shaving, you make me laugh >.<)

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    Best Minecraft Servers

    Best Minecraft Servers
  12. #raunchyascanbe

    Seems trendy
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  13. Have IcC post it as his status and it will trend :p
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  14. This is the best thread I've seen this month ! :D
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  15. "well you can get cross in lowercase"
    That's beautiful xD
  16. This thread is not called 'Random' for no reason :D

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  17. More!! Lol great work this is the funniest thread I've seen
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