random act of rupees giveaway

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  1. the rules of this giveaway are simple: you do not enter it, but you nominate someone who you think should win the prize ( but ONLY NOMINATE ONE PERSON!). The prize is ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND rupees! I will then randomly select the winner on Tuesday, the 27.

    P.S. if less than 30 people are nominated, I will extend the end date.

    P.S.S. don't use alts, or you and your alt account will be disqualified
  2. QuarterStop, why you ask? Because hes a good friend :)
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  3. Ill nominate R0bbieJo for the smp4 project :)
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  4. I will nominate brickstrike, he likes muffins :D

    You may want to clarify the ruled concerning alts.
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  5. I nominate Sweetie_Pea, she's such a good friend and clearly she is very sweet! I hope she wins! :)
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  6. I'll nominate Jakres, friends?
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  7. Pat2011, as he's always helped me with my wild camps. :)
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  8. TheMinner333 he's my brother and is always willing to help
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  9. I nominate BigDavie
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  10. Apocryphan, nice redstone builder/designer, helps with smp4 Paradise Project
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  11. I'll nominate jacob5089, because I want to :)
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  12. No
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  13. I also Nominate R0bbiejo :) smp4 :D
  14. Are you allowed to nominate mods?
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  15. Hey, mods are still players.... so i would say yes... R0bbie needs the help!
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  16. I nominate RevampedMadness...Why? He's the most friendly guy I know on the entire Empire!
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  17. I nominate Jay25000
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  18. My good buddy ewils, of course! ^_^
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  19. I would nominate Mastermockery.
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