random act of rupees giveaway

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by bitmonger20, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. I nominate cddm95ace cause he is a really nice guy and deserves a lot.
  2. Exclusion is bullying man, dont do it!

    and, ill nominate... slash, cuz hes awesome XD
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  3. First and final bump of the thread.
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  4. Okay, I'm randomly selecting the winner now.
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  5. Congrats to cutejuliew, as she has won the contest.
  6. I nominate EpicMinerMan321.
    Oops sry.
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  7. OMG thanks soo much!!!
  8. Oooh, you stole mine. :) So I instead nominate Purplepuff11, a kind person who always is looking to help new players and include them in EMC things such as outposts and stuff.

    EDIT: Fail, saw that cutejuliew won just now, I should look before I post. :p Congrats!
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  9. Finch_rocks_1 for his amazing over 1 year long journey to make an 8 res project!
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  10. Sorry, the thingy is over, cutejuliew won! :)
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  11. :D
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  12. Lucky, you won part of pigs contest and this.... But you deserve it
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  13. Haha enjoy! :p
    Yay :p
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  14. I nominate myself cause I can
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  15. thanks <3
  16. Can you do another one of these? I could use 100k. :D
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  17. When will you pay her? I think she needs it for her Eiffle Tower! :p thanks :)
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  18. yes, i still havent received the rupees that you promised :(
  19. WHAAAAAA!:eek:
  20. I nominate wassatthen because her shop has always had good prices
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