[ramblings] Black Holes

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  1. Now getting back to the black holes concept, i have NO idea what y'all are talking about :p
  2. He filled my bakery with dirt too, but I never reported him.
  3. Wewt Pluto :D
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  5. Just going to say, as I said in my "flame wars" post, that you are never obligated to respond to anything. Ever. It is a conscious choice.

    As for black holes, at the event horizon you are *probably* going to see the back of your head. If you're still alive. Which you're not. Then you get compressed into an infinitely dense point, which I hear is unfun. Or you go somewhere else, if you don't thing matter should be allowed to be compressed into an infinitely dense point. Whatever happens to you, it's all a matter of personal opinion, so keep a positive outlook.

    Either way, though, you will die unless you have a wormhole key.
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  6. Black holes are... black :D
    Did i do it?
  7. wormhole-diagram.jpg

    also, if the black hole leads somewhere else in the universe, DR. WHO, YOU GOT IT RIGHT
  8. I know nothing about black holes, but when moose gets home I might direct him to this thread so he can have some fun.
  9. Also wondering, anyone here know about anti matter?
  10. Krissy, took all of the flame posts in this thread and made them go into this black hole.

  11. I wish this were a thread about lava walls.
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  12. Since Pluto kept being brought up:
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  13. As a default, NOT IN A COMPOUND, there is no proton.
  14. *neutron
    Hydrogen always has exactly one proton; otherwise it's not hydrogen. It can have 0-2 neutrons.
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  15. Good :p
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  16. This is a black hole with lava in it. Your thread about lava walls is in there.

  17. "Make me a happy cow and jump in it"
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  18. You have no idea how hard i laughed when i read that :cool:
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  19. Too soon.
    Now if you'd excuse me, I must cry into my lava-wall shaped cushion.
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  20. You think he is kidding, the guy got me one as a B-Day present.

    Lava cusion.jpg
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