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  1. So..I got banned for 3 days for filling a house with dirt. EMC is my main pass time over summer. I got externally bored, and ended up doing recherche on black holes (why, #yolo). I Think i have figured out black holes, but parallel universes.

    So, let start with the big bang. This is the force that starts it all, quarks are thrown into the new universe. This is the beginning of time, from there, everything follows a set of mathematical equations. These quarks build into neutrons, protons, and electrons. From there, they build into hydrogen atoms.

    These helium atoms build into clouds. Soon, the heat and pressure in these clouds builds to the point of, well, lets say allot of zeros. Nuclear fusion starts, and, a new star is born.

    IF the star is on a normal sequence, i will live it life until it just burns out, BUT, it the core is 3 times more massive than the sun, it will become a red giant. At this point, it runs out of hydrogen to fuse, and starts to fuse helium, into, i think carbon. (another fun fact, you are only 90% star dust, hydrogen was not made is stars, and has been around scene the beginning, or made though radioactive decay).

    The cycle continues, until, it makes iron. This is the crustal point, iron cannot fuse. We do not now why. this is where the core collapses. If the core is less that 4 times more massive that the sun, it will implode, than explode in a super nova. This is the only circumstance iron will fuse in. this is what creates all the heaver elements up to Uranium, the last stable element. (you know the you put negative magnets together, imagine that times 92)

    If the core is more than 4 times massive than the sun, God probably couldn't stop its collapse. All the neutrons are compacted into a space the sises of a penny. This is to heavy, i don't have enough room to put all the zeros.

    Ok, we need to back up, what is the boundary of a universal. The universe has a boundary, but is Infinity. It is infinity in all accesses, X Y, and Z. BUT, it can be distorted and ripped. Imagine having a wet piece of paper, this represents the boundary of the universe. Now, imagine placing a heavy pebble on it, what happens. It rips

    This is what a black hole it, a rip in the space time continuum(yes, that is actually a thing). (and just another thought, if mass can be converted into energy, can it be converted into time?). The singularity, the object eh sises of the penny, is so heavy, it rips thought the fab tic of time.

    Now, one of 2 things can happen. 1) Imagine 4 people pulling a bed sheet thought, now, imagine someone placing a large rock in the center. This is a vacuum black hole, it just suck things up, and keeps they quarks.

    2) if the core of the collapsing start is 10 times the mass of the sun, (try this) Take a bed sheet, and hold i up, now, take your thumb and pointer finger. Make a circle with them, and hold it flush with the bed sheet. not, tale your other thumb, and push though the circle.

    If you did it right, an amount of the bed sheet went though the circle, now, pull the amount that went out though a bit more. This represents the relation between black holes and parallel universes.

    the new universe has quakes sent into it by the black hole, the elementary particles repeat the cycle. This happens indefinitely. Now, i could get into detentions and string theory, but, i think i have bored you enough today, see ya next week. :)
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  2. ill edit more as i read and decipher
    edit: done. so now the real question after posing scientific theories as your own is what is your point? also string theory has little to do with physical things like a space tear its more of a traversal theory of events in the multiverse.
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  3. wow... you must have been REALLY board... to post the longest post i have ever seen! :rolleyes:

  4. Everybodys a critic
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  5. Black holes suck so much...
    Ba dum ch
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  6. not critiquing you just have misleading information. im that guy at a car dealership telling folks to look at the carfax. red text is for you to learn :D

    ive been studying this stuff for like three years now as well as some quantum mechanics that would take a long time to explain.
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  7. Well, thanks for the advice. Next weeks topic, the energy crises, and ethanol.
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  8. Ah, science.
  9. Most of your information is wrong.

    Bitemenow corrected everything so I don't have to! :D
  10. And...I will delete it soon. Next week i will talk about a subject i actually know about
  11. also to put in perspective just how fast the speed of light really is a recent black hole orbiting a star was observed at a larger distance then from our own sun to the furthest planetesimal which is about half again the distance from pluto. that black hole orbits the entire range of said star in about 2 earth days (four times the speed of any other local stars orbit). the rate of the gravitational pull from said black hole is proposed to be at a comparative speed of six times that. the way gravity (if you can call it that) works in a black hole is the pull from wherever the largest mass of surviving atoms within the "core" of the hole is concentrated sends out a wavelike pattern of force, this wave rotates the core at such a speed that the pull appears to be spherical. essentially that particular spacetear at its event horizon would pull whatever got close in an non-planar ellipse at such a speed and force it would hardly be visible with the naked eye even if it was able to remain intact. the speed of light is still monumentally faster then that

    wrap your heads around that for a second, light moves so quick that it is quicker than the fastest observed force by leaps and bounds.

    then come to the realization that time travel would need to surpass that gargantuan speed and have it remain constant enough to navigate.

    also here is the hole in question: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GRO_J1655-40
  12. You should talk about how people are racist to Pluto and its friends.
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  13. Didn't know pluto was a race?
    I'd actually be more interested to hear about this:

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  14. He filled Jake_bagby's house in the NR with dirt for a prank. Jake almost suffocated, so he reported L0tad and he got tempbanned. Another prank gone wrong, that's our L0tad :rolleyes:
  15. Ahh I see.
  16. I am really intrigued by black holes and astrophysics and the such. This is very good research L0tad :)
  17. I might do that...
  18. Most of it is incorrect, as i just found out :)

    One day, i will get one of these to work. One day (and it will actually be funny too)
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  19. thank you

    Maby in a black hole, reality's more distorted then Billy Joe Armstrong's guitar there :)
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  20. What if on the other side of a black hole there was another world OR it transported you to another side of the universe! I say we go try it I volunteer sonicol1 to go first #yolo
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