Rainbow Dash!

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    Tonight at 8:30pm EMC time
    Hosted by Eviltoade
    Coord Locations: TO BE ANNOUNCED!

    Coord locations:

    Rainbow Dash is a game where players race to collect 7 pieces of colored wool from different locations. Be the first to collect these different colored pieces of wool by buying them from the 1r chests and then race to Eviltoade to turn them in, and you are the winner!
    *Note - I am being vague on purpose so people don't start early.

    First Place Prize - Promo from my collection and 500 tokens
    Second Place Prize - Promo from my collection and 300 tokens
    Third Place Prize - Promo from my collection and 100 tokens

    *The winners are determined by who collects the wool and then reaches me the quickest. You MUST purchase the wool from the chests in order to track that you've been there. Without the shop logs, you will not win. You do not necessarily have to have the pieces of wool with you when you reach me.

    A server broadcast will give out the locations when the event starts. You WILL need to write these locations down and keep them handy.

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  2. Ooooh!

    EDIT: First!
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  3. Interesting, I don't think I'll attend though.
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  4. Cool idea :D I'm excited :)
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    Town, wild, nether, or a mix?
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  6. Cool I might come out
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  7. Awesome!
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  8. What Rhytmically Said
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  9. I would prepare for anything. :)
  10. I won't be attending but I think it's awesome to see that you guys keep coming up with new events to keep things interesting. Anyway, so it's a race to get them items eh?

    And here I was, after glimpsing at the post, thinking that it would be a MLP kind of thing ;)

    Oh well, can't win 'm all :)
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  11. Sounds fun! Won't be able to come, but I hope everybody has a great time. This is quite the creative event, toade. :)
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  12. Thank God it isn't
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  13. Looks cool, will join :3

    EDIT:It's pretty late and I have to sleep now, so I can't attend :( (tho I wish I could)
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  14. Wish I could attend :/
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  15. Toade you should get in-game
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  16. Cool, you should host this on a weekend soemtime.
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  17. I cannot shop in the wild! Help! Shop doesnt work!

    EDIT: Being worked on. This sucks though! Hope theres a good fix.
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  18. Dont' worry EvilToade, there is always another opportunity soon, and time always fixes things :)
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  19. Hey all so sorry for the hiccup this evening; in the past we could set up signs in the wild and players could buy from them, but there was a change. Totally my bad for not testing it before the event. :( We will revamp and try again in the near future. Thanks for understanding.
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  20. Please
    Not Wednesday night
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