[RA] 2 pots of gold

Discussion in 'Reverse Auction Archive' started by Vortixin, Mar 17, 2016.

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  1. I am buying not selling
    2 pots of gold
    Starting bid: 30,000r
    Min bid decreasement: 500r
  2. Aren't RAs and auction not allowed when the event is on?
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  3. why dont you just buy from /shop?
  4. I'm away right now that's y
    Any way RA ends 24hour after last bid
  5. Sorry but this is an invalid auction. Although the pot of gold is an event item which can be auctioned off your timing is bad:

    And the pot of gold is just that: a currently running promo item, so you can't auction this off right now.
  6. Ok thanks shell
  7. Update.

    That other thread has started a discussion, the thread has been reported and we're waiting for staff to look into it to make a ruling. So don't count this auction out just yet; I'm merely reciting the rules but the staff are those who uphold 'm.
  8. They aren't in /shop yet :)
  9. Well, if this "illegal" and they come into /shop tonight for this price I'll mail you 2 of em.
  10. Well... apparently this auction is invalid. Check the other thread; 607's auction started a lot earlier than yours Tom but he was "only just" in the safe (see Eviltoade's message). Your auction on the other hand started a lot later, so I'm afraid my comment up there was correct.

    Sorry to bring the bad news though.
  11. It's cool
    Thanks shel
    Sorry everyone but this RV is closed
  12. Thanks robbi_j but I want unused ones. I mailed them back
  13. Haha lol! Sent you the wrong 2 haha, pm me if you want the new ones haha
  14. Bump it's back up
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