R0bbieJo And Sr Crew Heads For Donations To The SMP4 Project

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by R0bbieJo, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. That's Right.... We have always wanted to have a way to give you something you want in return for helping the Project!
    Now we can....

    You will now be able to EARN Heads.... of all Sr Crew Members AND of Me.... R0bbieJo
    This is the ONLY way you will earn one of mine.... I will not sell them or auction them or give them away for any other reason....

    We will get the details figured our VERY Soon.... and have this all automated at 8100 with the rest of the stuff....
    I can tell you that a donation of one DC of Quartz Blocks, or a $50k donation through the sell chest will get you one of mine! :)

    Look for details soon! ;)
  2. oooh tink heads everywhere....... oh my..... lol
  3. Wait... I donated two ore busters. Does this qualify me?
  4. This gives me an idea... Check your PMs in a sec Robbie :)
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  5. Is it 50k per head or 50k for every head of the Sr Staff? what about admin heads?
  6. Not sr. staff...Sr. CREW...
  7. Not meaning to be noobie but who does Sr. Crew consist of?
  8. It consists of the senior crew members of the SMP4 project, tink is one ;)
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  9. Well, going by the members list on the SMP4 forum:
    • jrlizard
    • Bobthetomato9798
    • ob1bob69
    • cadgamer101
    • nickbowhunter
    R0bbie has included herself, as has Tink. Not sure if that would include other Admin-level members or not.

    Note that this list may not be wholly accurate, as I am also listed under "Sr Crew" for forum-permission reasons, but have not contributed my severed head to the donation bins*.

    *I did PM Robbie about another subject, if any of you are particularly interested in mounting my fuzzy face on the wall.
  10. It is 50k for my head.... as the founder of this project.... The crew of the project will all have theirs available for 25k each soon too :)
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  11. I donated two ore busters, what does that get me.
  12. I will be glad to give you a head Jacob! You have been a big help... :)
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  13. I will also give out the first Nickbowhunter head to you my friend :D
  14. :) glad to help.
  15. :)
    I think i want a head of Tinker and r0bbie *Evil laugh*
    I'd better get mining!
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  16. Stads and ob1bob and Robbie are the only ones with a tink head. Anyone else besides chickeneer or nick have to donate to the project to get one! And that's the only way mine will be given out!
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  17. Haha quote fail, I am on my phone don't be too harsh about it.
  18. Will 3 dc's of stone and dc of ice do good? :p
  19. 3 Heads are floating around.... This feels weird.... I did decide it was time for Nick to adjust my skin so that it is more like the Real R0bbie.... lol
    Now there are proper R0bbie Heads...:)