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  1. Hallo all! I'm Capt_Priest new resident of SMC3 and new to the server.

    So I have some questions and hopefully to not spam the forums I will try to just ask questions using replies on this post.

    So my first question is: Can I build a Nether Portal on my Res? I suppose the same question could be posed for an end portal too but I don't know how to build said portal or am geared enough to go to enderman wonderland :p.

    Second question: This is more of a future reference question but is there a tutorial on making shops for the server? I ask because I still have my signs on my res but the mechanics are a bit vague to me (or I'm just really reaally slow one of the two).

    Next is more of a request for suggestions if anyone wants a word in. My res is my first large scale project in more than a year and I'm going back to basics for the build (at least initially I will probably go more elaborate later but for now I'm going old school). So my res is being built like a stone walled fort. Currently I have the entrance and the majority of the forward wall completed (sooooo many stacks of stone bricks XD). I was wonder if anyone had any build suggestions (if you want to drop by and take a look at the wall) The wall is 3 thick with path through the middle. At each end there is a ladder to access the top which will have a path all around the walls. Each end is a 9x circle tower and then the tops and bottoms have "flares" I forget what you call them exactly :p. Inside I have the husk for one of the shops/work areas I want to have. But here is what I kinda want inside the walls.

    Magic shop: This would be potions and enchantments. (btw does anyone know what a zombie pot does?)

    Armory: One stop shop for arms, armor, and tools.

    Huntsmans store: This would be a shop for foods, tree's, plants, mob loots, ect.

    A farm: Here I would like pens for (pig, cow, sheep, chicken) as well as area for farming (wheat, potatoes, watermelons, pumpkins, reeds, nether crops too i guess.

    A stables: (this is more for the asthetics of here is a medeval fort/trade town.

    Possibly a Inn/pub:

    One thing I'm thinking of doing to access vertical space without being an eye sort is to build a monolithic circle tower in the center. So at the base it just functions as another structure but at like 100+ I can add more things (but thats a maybe the resources needed would be tedious to mine for but that hasn't stopped me yet)

    Thanks for help with questions and suggestions and if you are ever in need of something feel free to drop by. I may have spares that I'm willing to part with.
    Last night it was 2 buckets of lava who knows what it could be today or tomorrow :p
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  2. Also once I get my res built I'm hoping to build an Inn on the frontier as a safe haven for travelers. If all goes to plan it will have multiple rooms and beds for spawn setting as well as chests in each room with emergency supplies for visitors.
    For it I plan on having a "moat-like" area around the structure with walls, fences, and iron doors. To help provide saftey for anyone who maybe like me and has to run from some mobs XD (or gets killed with full invent T_T)
  3. Firstly, hi there! I hope your enjoying the EMC 'experience' and that you've made loads of new friends and don't worry about spamming the forums (I waffle on all the time) if you have something to say and are not just speaking to annoy people (which you are not) your posts will be welcome. :) What your building sounds really cool! I have a question: is there anywhere to donate stuff? and also are you planning to host events on your res?
    Can I suggest that in your tallest tower that you put a dragon on the top? :p Like Shrek and Fiona....
    Thankyou, looking forward to seeing it finished.
  4. Thanks 607 for the post info.

    tinykate1 I am enjoying myself so far. I will try to put out a donation chest when I get on this evening...and figure out how to do that. I would like to have events on my res but I want to visit more peoples places and see how other events function before bungling into one myself XD. I can have a go at putting a dragon up top which sounds super cool may have to pre-build that on a single P game before I put in my res just so I have proportions, block amounts, and so it looks good. Honestly a dragon will be by far the most intricate thing I've ever built but I like a challenge XD

    Also thanks all for the warm welcome ^_^
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  5. No problem Capt_Priest! I'll be coming round when you've set up the donation chest ;), I would really love to see this dragon if/when built. :) and I'll be thinking when looking at it in all its dragony glory 'That was me who inspired that dragon...'
  6. A man with a plan, I like that. I think you'll fit in great here.
  7. Well, you can't ;)

    You can build the frame but it won't activate. I just tried.

    What you can do however is make a teleport sign which can also get you there. The good news: instant nether teleport, and you can chose between the waste & wild (frontier) too. The bad news: it'll teleport you to a random outpost location, you can't add a direction.

    It's simple to do: make a sign, and add either "wasten" or frontiern" as the first line.

    You could even make your own nether portal look-alike (set it on fire for an extra effect) and place the sign beneath it. When players step onto the block above the sign: poof! They'll be teleported. This wiki page will explain "feature signs" in more detail.

    (edit: removed quote, I totally overlooked that, silly me)
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  8. That sounds pretty cool ShelLuster. I'm going to work on the teleportation stuff because I will need it for my primary tower right now I'm estimating minimum height to 100+ over ground level which is some 4000 stone bricks at a 15x circle and I will use the tp signs and pads instead of ladders once I start putting in the levels XD

    Small status update on my builds T_T I've been delayed slightly by time constraints and its taking longer to make the materials needed for an enchanting table than I thought it would :p. Although I have come up with a crazy idea for the center tower but time will tell if the plan will work or not XD