Questions about Illegal AFK things

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  1. So I'm currently quite nooby at emc, since being gone for so long, so sorry if my questions are stupid, but I wanted to ask them anyway before I become stupid myself.

    So I've learnt this trick from a friend a few days ago that if you hold down click on your mouse then unplug it it'll keep on working as if you're holding it down, would this be illegal in emc? I would've used it on a fishing machine, but after searching around I now see it's not the best idea.

    Also, are afk pools allowed? I only like them because it's just a fun thing to do while you're afk even though you're not there, im not exactly sure what the purpose for them is and I should've searched before I asked this, but I wanted to ask it anyway...

    Thank you!
  2. Anything that prevents you from going AFK is not allowed on EMC.
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  3. afk pools are allowed because they don't keep you from going afk. Using that click thing would be against the rules. I believe even putting a book on your mouse for an afk fishing farm isn't allowed.
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  4. I know that but I'm asking do these things count as preventing me from being afk?
    The first one, most likely, but the second one im not sure.
  5. You are correct. Any AFK world interaction is not allowed on EMC. You can get kicked if caught, and banned if you keep doing it.
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  6. Ah ok, thank you!
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  7. Using a book isn't against the rules as long as you are still able to respond to staff PMs (I'm 99% sure on this, correct me if I'm wrong)
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  8. First one isn't allowed. AFK Pools are patched.
    Only thing to keep you from going AFK are user click actions or scrolling in your hot bar to new items or if in town; Warping to a different residence/location.
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  9. So does that mean I could use the trick i mentioned in the thread as long as I have the game open and responding to staff?
    Because I do want to use ''afk'' fish farms but I dont need to go afk on them, it's not like ill watch the screen but i have means of entertainment whilst still listening for pms
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  10. I don't think the first is allowed simply because of the way it "tricks" the game. See as you won't have a mouse plugged in. That is a very cheaty way of automating actions. Plus, how do you plan to do anything else on your computer if you don't have a mouse plugged in?
  11. I meant like do it while i have the game open but do something else, like play pokemon while still at my desk or something
    I'm just gonna not do it, even if i am at the game i don't really wanna risk it x'D
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  12. What I know is that putting something on your mouse while using a farm ( auto fish farm, cobblestone gen etc etc ) isnt allowed! :)
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  13. I think it's because clicking keeps you from going afk. It was somewhere in the macro mod thread, I'll look for it.
  14. But if you are at your computer while doing it, you aren't afk.
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  15. Well, if you're playing Pokémon at your desk, you aren't afk, right?...
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  17. if you are able to respond to staff if they message you if you are using a AFK Preventer, Then that is allowed, but if they message you and you are not there, then that would be illegal.

    I would just suggest afking and coming back and typing something like "/" in chat every once in a while, or afk while the server is not full (Under 32 players).
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  18. Oh alright, so it looks like i can fish farm while doing other stuff at my desk
    that's pretty cool, saves me from staring at my screen forever trying to get a stack of fish or something along those lines
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  20. Are you allowed to afk somewhere, not interacting, but letting mobs spawn?