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What do you think of the new build heights?

It's gonna be great! 6 vote(s) 75.0%
Don't really care 1 vote(s) 12.5%
I don't like it! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
It's gonna mess up my builds! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I also like tacos! 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. Not sure if this is where to put this but couldn't really figure out where else (so move it if it's in the wrong spot if you could?). I also have not seen this brought up in a forum topic yet.

    So with 1.17 it's clear we are getting an increase in the height, not just above where we can build now, but also below.

    So im already wondering, how will this affect the plots in town? I know this is early (since it's gonna be like a year at least before we update the servers to 1.17 if it comes out later this year) but for people like me this has me wondering how this will affect builds in town.

    Is the bedrock gonna be replaced with dirt and then dirt all the way down to new bedrock (how the current way is)? Are we gonna be given options at all? (since I have stuff down at bedrock for a reason and now they will have a big dirt thing below it which means having to redo it all and moving it back down).

    Also how is this gonna affect roads, as in road edits?

    I am currently working on trying to get a road edit done (which im still working on in a creative world and still wanting to make sure it's perfect because I don't want to notice something off and have to pay to have one minor thing changed because I overlooked it). And now im wondering if I should put off having it done till after the update (which means another year of waiting!!!!) because I have no idea how this new update will affect it. Parts of the road edits deal with it being all the way down to bedrock.

    I am guessing if I finish up what I have in store and it gets changed before 1.17 after 1.17 I may have a bunch of dirt below all my road edits which means I will have to pay again in order to fix those changes?

    This really stinks cause I have been working hard on trying to figure out just how I want the roads to look and putting in lots of work (it's creative mode, but it's still having to place and destroy blocks by hand just slightly faster then a pick). And when I saw the 1.17 news in the snapshots kinda made me really curious as to how that's gonna work in town now.

    I know it's still new though, so im curious how Aikar and Chickeener think they will do it when the time comes.

    Also I guess if anyone has suggestions or whatever they can comment to.
  2. it all depends on how if at all mc do the world conversion
  3. There is no official response to the question till Mojang is further along in the process. We don't even know how Mojang plans to implement a world conversion for the changed world height, so it doesn't make sense for us to give an answer based on incomplete information.

    It is worth noting. That I have made it no secret that I am concerned about the possibility of lag doubling as a result of taller worlds. The possibility of stricter limits on player builds causing lag is certainly on the table...
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  4. My suspicion is that Mojang has some optimization up their sleeve. While most singleplayer players can run these taller worlds, Minecraft multiplayer already has huge lag issues and I think they're aware that these taller worlds will be even more problematic. I'm hoping that 1.17 is going to come with a substantial overhaul/optimization of some of the remaining laggier systems in Minecraft.
  5. Knowing Mojang: doubtful.
  6. You may want to reimplement the capped y cord spawning rates granted being larger than vanilla's 128


    Since the Y coordinate can go negative (under 0), I would assume if you generate new 1.17 chunks, they will give you the ability to mine down under y 0. Man oh man the frontier will be jacked because now you can access voided chunks if pre-generated before 1.16. The new taller build limit will be fairly strait forward. For town, nothing with change to the bedrock level however, you do have the upper build limit to use.

    Obviously speculation on my end but that makes sense of what direction this will go
  7. I suspect that you won't be able to access voided chunks without bedrock breaking. My guess is that 1.17 chunks will have bedrock walls on the sides that border chunks generated before, so that you can't just mine into the void.

    Good point, but knowing how much laggier larger world mods make the game, or even just mods that make stone generate for 128 blocks instead of 64, they must have a trick up their sleeve or else it would just be instant death for servers on 1.17 or anyone with a potato computer for singleplayer. I doubt mojang would be dumb enough to do that
  8. Can't know for sure since you can't load 1.16 worlds into the new snapshots
  9. Your optimism is misplaced. None of EMC's lag causers will be improved in 1.17.
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