[Question] The Ban Hammer has Spoken!

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  1. I pray to God I will never see this message on EMC. Although, if you did, what kind of server would you go back to playing or start playing? PLEASE NAME NO SPECIFIC SERVER IPS!! I am asking for: Pvp,Factions,towns or role play.
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  2. None this is the best server I have found, I have been on here for over 300 days and I have still not found one as good.
  3. I would go back into the hole I was hiding in in the first place.
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  4. I'd go back to the equally awesome server that does not exist.
  5. Yeah, I used to play factions but then I got to stressed out about getting raided
    Yep, that's what I would do XD
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  6. SSP, and what are factions?
  7. I dont know any other server, so I would go and cry in a corner :D
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  8. I would go back to single-player.
  9. Another popular server that I know of.
    Since I can't say the name, I will give clues;
    • Is a creative free build servers with world edit and other plugins to help you build.
    • It is alo makes use of it's own modpack
    • It has a famous youtube channel
  10. I would go back to my Xbox and play battlefield 3. No mc server comes even close to Emc so I simply wouldn't go to another one.
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  11. Yep, just cry about it and beg the moderators to unban you
    But I need people to play with!!
    That sounds like a good one but EMC is better
    Yep, halo 4 for me!
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  12. I was on a server once, and I was afk for a few minutes and this message came up for no reason
    It's either a Tekkit for FTB Server (unless the modpack is not famous)
  13. Man, that's a tough one. Like others said I've found no other server quite like this... I'd probably literally cry, then mope around for a few days then go play Xbox360... Which would stink cause I suck at all fps's... Maybe play minecraft on xbox with buddies?
  14. I'm pretty good at Halo 4 but before EMC I was devastated whenever faction servers shut down
  15. It's a minecraft server, and the modpack is fairly famous.
    Also, together with captainsparklez, they made arguably the best adventure map ever made.
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  16. People keep telling me about other server and when look them up I get this " Silly you there is only Empire Minecraft"
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  17. Mark my words Moderator, I will never get banned from EMC and if I some how do ill quit minecraft all together

    Fact: on my 5th day playing I got temp banned for a day for being rude....as soon as that day was over I got on as soon as I got unbanned as in when my time was up I was like EMC!!!!! I missed you so much!!
  18. 1. Place Lava.
    2. Step in it.
    3. Press "Respawn" button.
    4. Repeat.
    5. ???
    6. Profit!
    1. Jump off a cliff.
    2. ???
    3. Profit!
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  19. I would also go and get my life back :p
  20. Also I would go on this server: 798.656.51.21:4531