[Question] Nether Hound Farm

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    Cmon people, build this for all the yolos and lulz I have to offer xD
  2. I was thinking of doing this for TTMOF, but realized that it wouldn't work, due to the fact that (I think) they no longer spawn other hounds with their howl.
  3. Well it wouldn't be the most effective but wouldn't it still work because they randomly spawn on non-transparent blocks? I say you should try to build a nether hound farm with the squid king farm thing for the last month of 2014 :p
  4. The rest of the year's farms have already been planned :p
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  5. This wouldn't work. Spawning, pushing and damaging the hounds just wouldn't work. Its a nice idea and I had the same one today, but thinking through how the final thing would have to work is practically impossible :(
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  6. So you're telling me theres a chance? ;P
  7. I wouldn't say there is a chance... but its impossible :p
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  8. I will attempt to make one...

    First step is to actually find a netherhound... I walked around for 15 minutes and there was not one.
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  9. Warning: Netherhounds can blow up on death and can be invisible. I was mauled by netherhounds took me 7 tries to get meh stuff. Is it just me or they can teleport?
  10. They can teleport when on difficulty 7. And obsidian is the key.
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  11. Tell me if you need anything for it :p
  12. They spawn like The Enraged, I still want to see the enraged Endermen though.
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  13. They don't spawn like the enraged, for starters they spawn in groups and 'call for assistance' :)