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  1. Nether Hounds are an easy way to get tokens, steak, and sometimes diamonds and quartz. So I was thinking, why not build a Nether Hound farm? I'm no good with redstone and have a SMALL habit of not finishing everything I start so I'm just throwing my ideas for it out there for the General Population.

    So it would kinda work like a gold farm in the nether, mobs would spawn on a pad and be pushed off to the collection area. But with a design that pushes mobs that are 1 block tall off to a different area than the mobs that are 2 blocks tall, one might be able to make a Nether Hound farm. You'd probably need of those mods where you can see how much health a mob has by looking at it to determine the block height needed for the farm.

    So if anyone wants to venture out and try to build this please let me know how it goes :p
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  2. I'm not sure if its working but I got an idea how to build one I think there Will be spaan pritty much for That reson you can made a house with an 2x3 entrace when you Will stand in it it Will be closed you Will yump on an 1 high block what is getting 2 high with water Will you Puch it in an portal in an ather closed house you Will spawn on top of it ( with an new portal) and more netherhouwds with pistons the Will drop to one half heard by using a tree high block you can kill it with an looting 3 unbreaking 3 sword :D
  3. Oop my spelling if you don't understand what I mean

    1 walk arouwd Will see netherhouwds walk in the collect house
    2 it Will close and lift up you from 1 to 2 high
    3 with dispensers and water the netherhouwds Will Puch in an portal
    4 you can collect more netherhouwds
    5 when you er done you can drop it so they have an half hart
    6 you can kill it with an looting III unbr III sword :D
  4. Don't emc special mobs get reductions of loot when they can't get to you? If so this might not be worth building :)
  5. Well It'd double as a gold farm for all the pigmen that spawn instead of hounds. Plus it'd still be cool to "invent" a nether hound farm lol
  6. Also in the time ive had a gold farm ive never had anything but pigmen and the occasional chicken come through the portals so im not sure if nether hounds can. This might be a good question to ask aikar whether they can come through portals or not. My guess would be no but if they can and this is possible it would be a great idea :)
  7. they are dogs still, this would mean unless aikar implemented the code to where they could go though they most likely wouldn't be able to.
  8. I was talking about a nether gold farm not an over world gold farm
  9. Ahhh i guess this might be possible then but it would be very temperamental as once they see you they spawn more, possibly through whatever trap is used. Just a quick question: how are you planning on getting the nether hounds to spawn in the trap and/or collection area?
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  10. I'm not planning on making the farm I was just throwing the idea out there. The nether hounds would spawn on a spawning pad (probably a stone brick platform or something) then the pistons would push the hound of to the collection area.
  11. This Is An Awesome Idea Mirr0rr, One That I Just May Use :)
  12. 1 small problem with this:

    How would the hounds get knocked off and activate the pressure plate? Wouldn't the piston break the pressure plate when it knocks the hound off the platform? Even with tripwire it's impossible. With a gold farm or wither farm, the piston pushes the top half of the mob, with a hound it's different because it's one block.
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  13. Valid point. Maybe do something with vines? I saw on Kyzoy's public gold farm that he uses vines to move the pigman from one area to another. I dont know if the vines could move the hounds to a place where they would fall into the collection area tho.
  14. lava, they are fire resistant
  15. Lava doesn't push mobs tho :\
  16. I could possibly make one if u could help me it would take alot of digging
  17. Another good question: how far away can netherhounds spawn from the player? This could effect the size of the spawning platform.

    Also, what about the Mob Risk Gauge? wouldn't that decrease the amount of loot you get?

    It is possible, but there are still a few technical details that need to be sorted before it becomes efficient...
  18. I dont want one

    1. I think nether hounds spawn 2-3 chunks away from you cuz the gold farm im (kinda) building has a little afk room i go in and when i leave i go thru a short tunnel and theres always nether hounds waiting for me in the lava outside xD

    2. Yes it would limit the amount of loot you could get but if its made, the owner of the farm could have it so the hounds only go to a different room instead of falling so He/She can use a sharpness 5 loot 3 sword to kill some doges

    3. I was thinking it'd be built more for science instead of profit :cool:
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  20. Nah there are much better science jokes than that :p
    Two scientists walk into a bar. The bartender asks what they would like to drink. The first scientist says "I'll have a glass of H2O please." The second scientist says "I'll have H2O too." The second scientist dies.
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