Question for you, Nick

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  1. Blonde, or Brunette?

    :D (I blame BlackKnight1021 for this...)
  2. doesn't cyan stained clay show up as bright blue clay instead of gray on texture packs?
  3. I fail to see how this is in any way relevant to the melons at hand...?
  4. I'm laughing way too hard at this
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  5. Ginger.
    Someone take a screenshot of two melons with an orange carpet on top pls.
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  6. You seem to be in the wrong thread.
  7. nope
  8. You're doing God's work, son.
  9. That's a nice pair of melons, alright...
    Don't give me that look, someone had to say it.
  10. But still, I thought you'd be classy enough to not be the person to say it.
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  11. For the sake of humor, I am sometimes willing to fall on my sword. Or pen, as it were.
  12. Fall on your own sword?
    How sharp is it?
    Is that possible?
    And for the melon question, I would break and eat them both for about 24 hunger.
  13. I'm flattered
  14. As the Black Knight would say " It's only a flesh wound."
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  15. flesh* Sorry, it was killing me... :p
  16. I hate my phone sometimes..
  17. How would you get hunger from eating?
  18. Ooohh most obvious answer.
    Lance says "Both at the same time."
    Just can't have jealous melons otherwise things go wrong at some point.