Quartz Miners For The Smp4 Project Needed...And Now We Need Protection!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by R0bbieJo, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. This is where we are going to post mining sessions and who is going. This can be a rolling roster of who is who and where we can form a quick team and head to the Wasteland Nether.
    We have a Core Mining Crew that is well versed in how my family mines and how the Sr Staff of the Project mine. If you follow their lead you will not miss Quartz! :)
    So let's go get it....
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  2. lol, the nether and i don't get along xD
    I'll root for you from my residence on smp5
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  3. This picture was taken of a find that Nickbowhunter found by doing Our System...
    It was in a cave with absolutely no opening! We would have missed this without mining the way we do :)
    It yielded 2 stacks + 3 blocks of Glowstone!
    Oh Yeah
  4. LOL... too funny.... Me and Tink literally STUNK at the Nether 3 weeks ago!
    Now we are getting better than the boys.... so... come learn with a small team... then come see ME ;)
  5. wastelands on smp4? you guys still there?
  6. Was actually just saying that we need to pick an off server and use it! That way we mine on one and build on the other :)

    Let's go to Smp7... :)

    Me and Nick will load up and vault over now! Whose all going?
  7. I can come at 7pm tonight that cool?
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  8. I take back what i just said XD
    I'm OWNING the nether was we speak XD (Alone)
  9. Im gonna come in a bit, busy... but i got the 4 stacks from the time me and you went r0bbie, see you soon hopefully
  10. While I dont mind the Nether I prefer to mine alone, so I'll still be supplying you with quartz
  11. If you are still working in about 2 hours ill try to meet up. I have been exploring and building frequently in the nether since the last full wild reset (if anyone can even remember back that long ago).

    This wastelands update makes it so much easier because you don't have to travel 3000 blocks from spawn just to find a few glowstone or 5000 just for a chance at quartz. I even stumbled upon an unexplored nether fortress only about 200 blocks from spawn on smp1 (I think).

    The great downside is the random lava blocks and the speed that the lava spreads. I don't get killed because I keep a fire resistance potion handy, but it's a real pain trying to clean up all the flowing lava.

    I learned really quick that when digging stairs up, you must make a one block dip to act as a lava break every 10 steps or so.
    Good luck to you all.
  12. Robbie sadly I wasnt on for this one, but maybe set up a time a day before so we can be sure to be there?
  13. R0bbie and nick timed out and were getting worried D:
  14. Our freaking internet Crashed!
    I was on the phone with Frontier Fios like a madman.... LOL
    We are back up but I have to go to my appointment... so... By 7 I will be back on Smp7 :)
  15. Very Cool... :)

    If you don't have Skype and can get one before 7pm that would be awesome... And my son will add you :)
  16. I have something going on at 7 ._.
    I have no idea how to get out of there
  17. He still hasn't added meeee :'(
  18. Just make sure I am online when you go to 7 so I am there to help you and you will be fine... I promise :) We take good care of each other on these teams ;)