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  1. Long story short, the conversation we were in reached the limit of 10 members, so we decided to go move the conversation to a thread, seeing as we didn't want to create another conversation.

    Just a note, please keep Operation Arcanus Codice in the conversation only.

    Onwards with the pony material! I'll start:

    (Thanks SparerToaster!)

    Pony creator:
  2. ..........................................................

    That music *shivers*
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  3. Pony-fied version:
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  4. Is this an "Ohmahgawddatmusicizawesome" Shiver? or an "Oh god this is awful" Shiver?

  5. I had to. I just had to. Should have made the text white though...
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  6. Our current army.
    You spelled my name wrong though........
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  7. Ooh, that's going in the OP (unless you don't want me to add it :))
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    Edit: and 600th like, wootwoot. Someone give me a cookie :D
  10. Two things.
    1. Omg i am your signature :p
    2. I will get you a bat-pony.....

    This is literally a BAT pony as in like royal night guards. a batman pony will come next
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  11. For Battmeghs :D
    Rainbow Dash is best Batpony XD
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  13. Had to dig into my long derelict pony playlist, but I found a few standouts.

    That's all I got.
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  14. i like this one too.
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  15. Oh, I'm sure I'll get a lot of flak for this, but I have to say it.

    I hate Rainbow Dash. Or rather, I hate how she is canonically portrayed.
    And the fact that she always breaks her wing. What the heck are you doing, man!?
    Also I'm a shipper.
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  16. if i can find a decent minecraft skin of a pony batman... i'll gladly download that mod again, and be batpony forever.
  17. Lol, nice gray text.
    I'll give you my honest opinion.

    I never liked Rainbow Dash either, I always liked the background ponies. I mean, I liked the main 6, but I think that most of the background ponies should get more "action".

    She keeps on breaking her wing, since if you broke your foot as a pony, that would disable you. I'm not sure about Hasbro, and their thinking, but I like the show, so I still watch it. Just because I don't like one certain pony doesn't mean I don't like the show.