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Do you think it´s a good idea?

Yes 12 vote(s) 19.4%
No 50 vote(s) 80.6%
  1. I believe we should have PvP but however like other servers it could be turned on and off as ppl wish.
  2. The only prob with pvp is ppl get bullied and then leave the server NEVER to me seen again
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  3. not even the bullying would matter...
    EMC is EXPLICITLY a non-PvP server, thats your first question in the tutorial, wich you shoulda answered right to get in in first place, creating posts saying that PvP would be a great idea is just not agreeing with the rules you supposedly agreed with...

    Beyond that, if what you are looking is PvP. perhaps EMC is not for you

    And please... we have a LOT of posts about PVP in the forums, why make another one?

    Edit: Either way this is not the right forum to post this therad
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  4. This has, as Ran has said, discussed in the forums so often....

    It has also been reiterated by Jeremy somewhere on the forums that PvP will NEVER be apart of the Empire.

    So no matter how many people ask for it, it will never have a place here.

    Also, if we loose the players here on Emc who want PvP, that's fine, because I can assure you that it will not compare to the amount of players we would loose if PvP was enabled :)
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  5. Agreed
  6. Also people are more friendlier to each other on non pvp servers and players won't complain about losing all their items and you won't have to worry about being killed by spawncampers. That is one of the reasons i like love EMC, no pvp.
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  7. I completely HATE pvp, like chopping down trees, OH GOD. Guy with diamond armor and sword whacking the hell out of me, yeah pvp isnt fun AT ALL.
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  8. i agree i like EMC the way it is
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  9. Then i would like at leat like an arena so some ppl could fight
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  10. Makrom, there will NEVER be any kind of PvP in EMC. Thats it, dont keep asking, atm the only kind of challenge between players is the Spleef Arena... and that is it

    As i said on a previous post in this thread: If you insist on wanting PvP then EMC might not be the place for you
  11. you could have make believe pvp. run around with sticks and go pew pew pew. this is how we did it when i was a kid. of course there were often arguments on whether someone was hit or not. would this satisfy your bloodlust?
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  12. ..........
  13. Theoretical PVP Arena. :p
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  14. Get dressed up in costumes and host a minecraft comiccon, or a renaissance faire wih mock mellee/archery/jousting on pigback with sticks :p
  15. Why don't you just build it, Shaun? SMP3 / SMP4 are both in need of filled 120 lots... :p
  16. A medieval fairground would be a nice idea for a community lot.
    Some attractions could be:
    - the 'lists' jousting arena with grandstand.
    - the mellee, an oval arena where last player left wins. (spleef? player left holding iron sword at the wins?)
    - the 'range', archery tournament.
    - the feasting hall/tent, with kitchen, dining and a few rooms for rest.
    - the EMC inn, drink, eating, sleeping, rooms for rent.
    - various carnival games, fun and chance of winning something.
    - obviously a maze of some sort

    Not a bad idea, I'll draw up a proposal if/when I get a chance and post to mods.
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  17. Guys just random, but how do I post a thread again?
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  18. Hey shaun, this could be your project! Liz did the graveyard, Aus did the park, Icecream did.... well Icecreams just being Icecream ;) So this could be your moment to shine! :)
  19. Go into the sub forum you want to post, and in the top right hand side is a button "Post new thread" :)
  20. A new thread? If yes, open up a main subforum (like "community marketplace"), then up in the upper right hand corner under the search box, you'll find a green button labelled " post new thread".