PvP & Misc Updates - 4/14/15

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  1. Back to some EMC updates!

    Made a few changes namely to PvP Arenas

    • If you exit the PvP arena while on a fight floor, you will be unable to re-enter the PvP arenas for 60 seconds
    • If you log out while in a PvP arena fight floor, you will be teleported out upon login which triggers the same 60 second wait
    • You are no longer able to teleport to specific teleports within a fight floor while you are already on a fight floor. (in other words, you can no longer teleport in between the 6 spawns rapidly making it hard for people to catch up to you and get you). Attempting to do this will instead exit the fight floor, resulting in the 60 second penalty.
    • You may only enter a fight floor at minimum once per 30 seconds. So rapid dieing will have a slight penalty now (we can adjust this if needed).
    • Added a new Player Setting: Chat Sound Alerts, access it from /ps. This will let you turn off the "Tingle" sound when you receive an alert (Text will still be red)
    • Fixed tags not properly clearing on a Residence Reset, where /v +shop might of taken you to an open residence.
    • Some tweaks to MobArena for staff to help them run it better. /S
  2. First!

    EDIT: Finally I can play with sound on without the wonderful buzz sound! Keep working hard Aikar :)
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  3. I wish I had some free time. I would totally love to witness the rage that comes from people not being able to use their cheaty tactics!:D
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  4. the blockage of inner teleports appear to not be completly blocked, but restrained to the 30s delay still.

    We will fix it soon to block using inner fight floor teleporting completely soon though.
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  5. Yay! :) I suppose some of those PvP updates will come in handy (and maybe stop me from dying as much ;))
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  6. I like the updates
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  7. I don't PvP often but I have seen the whole join/leave thing enough to know this is a great feature update. :)
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  8. Yes! Yes it is! *wants to drop some dimes on some frustrating players but keeps it to himself*
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  9. those are some awesome updates! good job!
  10. Thanks for the updates! :)
  11. Cool Update!
  12. Generally I like the updates, but from PvPing for a few minutes there are some things I don't really like. I've pointed out alternatives/improvements, because just saying a feature isn't good doesn't help anyone.
    A very good idea, but there are some major downsides:
    - Switching arenas: say you accidentally join the wrong arena because you thought there was a player there. You exit the arena, but you have to wait a minute, even though you just made a mistake.
    - Today, I thought Uber_Corq was in the green arena. However, I couldn't see his name, so I went to the PvP spawn to see if he's there (the holograms made it very confusing to see name tags, but I like them in general. Turns out he was in green and I had to wait a minute to get back in.
    So... to prevent PvP logging, how about a timer that activates for one minute once a player takes any kind of damage, where if the player exists the game/arena they won't be able to rejoin for a minute.
    Personally I can't see any practical use for this. However, what I'd prefer to see is a timer that appears after you die that makes it so you can't log in. Countless times there have been fights with 3 people where one dies, I just about kill the other, and the first person comes back in and kills me - at full health. I think a 15 second "respawn timer" would help with this greatly.
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  13. some good suggestions. the 30s one was more of an accident, overlooked the logic of things.

    i dont have a pvp arena on dev server so it made it hard to test it...
    need to make a rough test one.
  14. You do know, you can just test it on the normal SMP's right?
  15. He wouldn't want to explode anything (e.g: the economy) again, now would he? ;)
  16. Well, we wouldn't want to scare him away from blowing up stuff, now would we? ;)
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  17. That's what I kind of did last night is why it wasn't perfect =P

    First reboot completely broke /v pvp
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  18. Sounds cool! Take that, pvp-loggers! :D
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