PvP Againest Griefers?

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Should This Happen?

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No! 34 vote(s) 73.9%
  1. Hello EMC!

    Im not saying it as a suggestion just trying to get a idea from everyone, so here is my idea:

    Your building or come online to your home at the wild and find someone griefing it, should you be able to take a print screen quickly with them in then use lava, fire or other forces to stop them?

    Please explain your answer
  2. No. It's still PvP. Screenshot them and block them in obsidian is my advice - I've asked in game in the past if that's allowed and it is.

    FYI, I've seen people get temp-banned for "defensive PvP" - the incident was next to identical to the one you're using as an example. It's still PvP, it's still not allowed. If this was allowed, then people could easily just say "oh, I thought he was trying to break my stuff" when in fact they were just a normal, rulebreaking PvPer.
  3. *five high in agreement
  4. See your point just asking :p And the obi one is good i'm gonna mine bedrock! Whats the best tool to do it with? Gold or Hand?
  5. :(
    This thread makes me sad.
    Back around 6 months ago MayoMan300 and Honeydew_rocks set out to go camping in the SMP3 Wilderness.
    When they were making tents a random guy came and started chasing them with flint & steel. Then MayoMan300 became a victim to the PVPer. Then right after Honeydew was mad! He got so mad that he got careless and became a victim too. So then Mayoman came back into the wild chasing after the PVPer with flint & steel trying to get revenge and some of his items back :p . Soon they went into a fire fight. Then mayo fell down and the PVPer put a fire on the block he was standing on. Honeydew came back to the scene to scare off the PVPer with fire but it was too late.
    1 Hour later while they were telling me something then the worst possible thing happened. A Giant Wooden Hammer fell from the sky and crushed them both. They were about to tell me who was the PVPer right when they were banned.

    I still don't think it's fair. they were great guys. They had never been banned on any server before (I did a background check)
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  6. I've heard a lot of similar stories where someone gets burned and they get in a F&S fight or start carrying it around "just in case". It leads to trouble and if left to itself would almost certainly be escalated.

    Mayo and his friends could have ganged up on your friends and stalked them assassinating them, stealing their items, destroying their buildings for revenge. Then your friends would then feel obligated to recruit more members for their gang to combat the other gang.

    We'd eventually have whole servers in factions. Look at places like the Middle East where there's been revenge and counter revenge taking going on for ages. We just don't need that here. Although I feel bad for your friends and the story is sad, I think they should have just screenshotted the wrongdoer and reported him.
  7. I miss that guy :(
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  8. Mayo and honeydew rocks were my best friends! Of course they weren't my friends IRL because of only have Alliences IRL.
    So if that PVPer had never been born, They would have still been in the empire
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  9. What if you have no obsidian, you see them, they are even hacking, are you just going to let them stand there and destroy your work?
  10. You should start lighting F&S randomly not too close around the grefier so it spams Square and the mods will be like WTF? I better take a look
  11. Fighting Crime with Crime doesn't make any better.
  12. What is the chance that a mod could get there (If not already there) By the time the griefer is finished?
    What if they come on and think you griefed it, since you were spamming fire.
    Lastly, What will you do if the greifer is greifing, and you have no resources?
    Sorry for my rant, and if it sounded angry, please don't take it personally.
  13. Eh, It's just constructive Criticism
  14. The chances of one of us making it there in time is largely in your favor. As I'm sure you all know, just because we aren't online...doesn't mean we aren't watching. ;)

    Best plan of action...report and screenshot. That combination is unbeatable, and unarguable.
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  15. You can't break bedrock according to minecraft wiki
  16. I thnk he was joking…and you can break bedrock. In creative. :rolleyes:
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  17. So what I'm basically seeing is, Take a screenshot, report that greifer, and watch them greif your work?
    Something doesn't seem right here.
  18. *High Six in agreement
  19. Yes you can.
    You know how?

  20. That meme just doesn't feel the same with that second line…
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