Public Sugarcane Farm &Mall

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    Hello everyone

    Just so you know I am still around, just very busy at the moment with college. Anyway my shops are still live and active so please use them there are plenty of items in stock and room for more if you want to earn some rupees by selling to them.

    Smp3 /v 7313

    Smp6 /v 13131 < - - Main mall with sugar cane facility built in

    Smp7 /v 15151

    Enjoy and have fun


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  2. your smp6 mall got quite a change lol all that white almost killed my eyes but I like it.
    *fs is dead tho if you want to remove it from youre signature
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  3. Are they all buy & sell? Always looking for a place to sell off stuff and I'm to busy to be bothered with setting up a shop.
  4. Mostly
  5. Shop at 13131, 15151, or 7313 lots of emeralds in stock at 13131
  6. Bump, wolf eggs galore
  7. Some of the shop tp's glitch into the walls behind the lights....
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  8. Awesome! I will check out your shop soon. :)
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  9. I keep fixing that I think I will have to move them
  10. lots of sugar cane in stock,

    New voucher section limited supply at /v 13131 (Vault)(Stable)(Iron and Gold) also some enchanted bows
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  11. Your store is now my main stop for sugar cane. 10/10 :)
  12. I've made so much paper from your sugar cane. Thanks :)
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