Public Archive and Reading Room- on smp6

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Have you ever made a written book in minecraft?

yes 4 vote(s) 66.7%
no 1 vote(s) 16.7%
cant remember 1 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. With the arrival of the lectern, I have been able to build and open the public 'Reading Room' (inspiration taken from New York's Rose main Reading Room) for the archives I have built on smp6, and we are open for book requests! Located at 12022@reading

    PM me to display a book from the Archives! (12022@archive)
    1200+ titles (note: certain books will not be displayed per authors request)

    We are always looking for new titles as well at the archive. if you have any written books we don not have, please contact raaynn. Donations also accepted if you have any you would be willing to give (books by all players are welcomed). donations can be sent via mail, or there is a donation chest located in the archive, left of the fireplace..

    Reading room is now open at 12022@reading
    archive located at 12022@archive
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  2. That's a great looking build. I can hardly wait to explore it.
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  3. Great build :)

    Can I please take a moment to appriciate the idea of putting maps on the ceiling as a decoration... I never thought of that, and I *might* want to steal it, at some point :p

    Also, I love the amount of modern philosophy in the quotes at the bookshelves... I wonder who suggested those :p
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  4. Thanks Egeau, and of course you can 'steal' whatever design idea. My favourite new update is the fact item frames can be placed on any surface. Wish I had the patience to actually create the 'maps' to make the ceiling accurate to the library.. :D
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