[PSA] Apple has blocked Java on Macs

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  1. Just to let you guys know, if MC isn't working for you on a Mac, this is why. There's supposedly a big security vulnerability in Java, and Apple is therefore preventing it from running on all Macs. I'm not happy with Apple either, but it should be fixed soon... stay tuned.
  2. They have only really blocked it Mac's to keep their promise of having no virus' because hackers use Java and Flash updates and a flaw in the software
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  3. I can access my mc fine... I don't really see whats the problem.
    I have an MacBookAir, and the way my MC is going is fine.
  4. Heard about this the other day, as none of my teachers can access their grade book because its runs on java and the school just uses macs.
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  5. Screen shot 2013-02-02 at 12.11.32 PM.png
    Er what.
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  6. I've never been happy with Apple. It's a really, really bad company.
  7. And the flame wars shall commence.
  8. I personally don't see what's wrong- why wouldn't you want to protect your reputation? Why wouldn't you try to protect your users from a malicious vulnerability (even though I don't think I was affected by it...)
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  9. Apple has cute computers... :oops:
  10. There's a remedy to this issue

    Step 1

    Go to http://www.ubuntu.com/download

    Step 2


    Step 3

    Burn it to a USB or DVD

    Step 4

    Make a backup of all the data you want to keep

    Step 5

    Boot from the USB or DVD

    Step 6

    Make sure you overwrite the partition that Crap OSX is on

    Step 7


    Step 8

    Boot into ubuntu, Put all you're personal files back on

    Step 9

    Go to Java.com and Minecraft.net

    Step 10

    Download and enjoy!
  11. If the vulnerability was really that bad, it would have made headlines everywhere. Besides, Apple's reputation isnt that good anyways. When a virus does come out for Mac's its HUGE and Apple takes forever to actually take action.
  12. I has confuse.

    I didn't mention anything about size of the vulnerability, and if apple's reputation isn't that good, tell me why many people stil act like osx is invincible.
  13. Step 11


    Step 12

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  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_Defender
    To be honest, the ones who say that Macs are invincible are just uneducated in Apples past. Apple throws down a hush-hush request, and nothing is said unless an outside source finds out. If Apple techs find a virus on your Mac at that so called genius bar, they say you broke it. I saw a hidden camera video on it on youtube once (cant find it now though, i am still looking!:/ )
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  15. Because people dont look into it
  16. I don't like Microsoft either :p
    Apple has a bad reputation for stealing, and so does Microsoft.
  17. I am just stating the opinion of some people (yes, I do know some of them- most of my friends at school prefer macs).

    Oh, and by the way, please do tell me where I said something about the size of a vulnerability...
  18. I agree. The only reason I use Windows is because I like PC gaming. But with Windows becoming more of a closed platform and with Gabe Newell's push for more Linux games, Linux will become the main OS for gaming. Then I will switch over, but for now most games come out on Windows.
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  19. I actually wouldn't mind a linux os. The only thing limiting me is my hard drive so if I did partition mine it would be tiny. (I use way too much memory)