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  1. Hey guys.

    I'm going to be making a new promo video for us to use on our marketing campaigns. I will be likely needing some assistance in some scenes when I get to that point and will make posts about it.

    However, I FIRST want to know this.

    If you were NOT a member of EMC right now, and never had heard of us, what features that we currently have would 100% convince you to join us if you saw it highlighted in a video. This isn't going to be a super info video, so we won't have MANY details of how things work...just some quick overview highlights over some custom music.

    A large chunk of things will be shown, even if very quickly...but I want to know, which things in your opinion should get MORE details/time in the video.

    And... GO!
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  2. Been working a promotion video. Do not worry, I never disappoint

    I would like to see more advertising about the community in a video.
  3. I would definently want to see the custom mobs so that I know I am getting a legitimate unique experience when I join that I couldn't get anywhere else
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  4. Me being a collector, I now have that collector mindset.. I would like to see cool special items in a promo video because if they see something they can get nowhere else it may attract them just like the custom mobs would :)
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  5. A long time ago I saw a video and it looked fun. I looked in the video descriptions and copied the ip to my clipboard. Later I went on it. I said uhhhh that ugly tutorial(old) so I almost left. But I found out the tutorial was interactive so I tried doing it. I succeeded and made a dirt shack...... Yeah.
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  6. I don't know what I would like to see personally. I think the Dragon Tombs would be good when they get released. Also I can help with the editing if you want :)
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  7. I got all the editing down already. I've had lots of practice with my YT videos over the years and have gotten to a comfortable place where I like things how I like them.

    I will need help from players when I film certain things though, like the group features and will post about them for certain times. :)
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  8. Alright and just out of interest what software do you use for your recording and editing?
  9. Fraps and Vegas
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  10. I think you should show the economy and something being blown up because people like to see things get blown up :p
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  11. Cool I use DXTORY and Vegas Pro 12
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  12. I agree with FDNY in that I like to see the different custom items that we have; probably just a few that are really interesting like the cupid's bow. I could also help being in the videos if you need help :p
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  13. Miniboss drops. The way everyone has access to these items as well.
    I would like to help with video
  14. Try taking clips out of "Look What ICC Did"
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  15. I would love to help though if you require any :)
  16. Things to show off: Zombie Viruses, Momentus, Marlix, heads, PVP only in arenas, and possibly some screenshots of player res's that have something big or beautiful.
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  17. He can finish blowing up my 3rd res :)
  18. Custom items, custom mobs, protected town, anti-grief policy. I like it when I can build cool stuff without it being exploded every 2 seconds.
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  19. Thanks for the ideas so far guys. Feel free to add anymore if you wish. :)
  20. I have said this before, but I came here in search of Herobrine.. That may be a random note to use.. :p