[Promo] Minecon Earth 2018 Hat!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JDHallows, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Grab your Minecon Earth Hat for the 2018 Minecon Earth stream by using /promo minecon in-game
    However, you will only have 24 hours to claim it! The promo will be unavailable after 3pm tomorrow, September 30th
  2. Noooo you shouldn't have told anyone else... :p Kidding, thanks again for hosting the event! :D
  3. Hey, these will go great with my Minecon T-shirts.
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  4. Panda's ftw :p

    PS: "Shell party" is gonna pick up on these, only to be giving some away during the upcoming Holiday season. So if you're missing out on these (I have no idea how long they'll be available) then you'll have another chance during our favorite season of the year.
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  5. Love it, thanks so much! Maybe in 2 years we'll have an entire armor set :D
  6. Must. Hoard. Hats.
    Must. Never. Sell.
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  7. I literally woke up, opened my phone to see this, dragged my zombie body to the computer and logged on to grab them before I went back to sleep for 15minutes then work #priorities
  8. Work on a long weekend! Such an ugly feeling:p
  9. I hope the Minecon armor set is complete one day
  10. Only 7 minutes left to claim this promo! Get in-game to get yours now!
  11. WHAT.
    i missed it by like 4 minutes
  12. well you had 24 hours to claim it...
  13. Damn.... missed it... Anyone willing to sell me one?