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  1. Super Combat is a project that I have been working on for a little bit now. It is a PvP game that supports lots of players, I personally think the map that I made was fit for 8-12 players. Also, it runs on 1.10, and I have not tested it on 1.9 (I'm lazy).

    It is a very quick and easy to play, as you can just jump in to your friend's server that runs this map and play, without any waiting for rounds (it's all one big round)

    It is also class based! Currently, I have made 2 classes (will add more and take suggestions), and have 3 ideas/suggestions pending for creation.

    Very average.
    Armor - 12
    Passive - None
    M1 - Attack with blade (6.5 (x3.25) damage+6 armor when equipped)/uselessly hit with bow
    M2 - Use Potions (2 () Damage but requires a direct hit+Glow for 5s) (Infinite)/Bow (Infinite ammo) (50% chance of resisting knockback when active
    F - Switch between Sword+Potions/Bow+Arrows
    Q - Regenerate 10 (x5) HP, but you are vulnerable, as you cannot deal melee damage, or run well.

    Very powerful up close, but you need to actually get there first.
    Armor - 16+6 Armor Toughness
    Passive - 40% chance to resist most knockback from an attack, -30% Speed, thorns
    M1 - Punch (5 (x2.5) Damage)
    M2 - None
    F - Activate Boost (Recover 16 (x8) Health, +40% Speed, +6 (x3) Attack (over 10s), increased thorns, 10s cooldown w/ -40% speed on top of the -30%
    Q - None
    Low defense, but great everywhere else.
    Armor - 6
    Passive - Regen 1 HP every seccond
    M1 - Attack with currently selected spell (Fire [3 Fire damage+3 melee damage, Water [Push 4 blocks])
    M2 - Use Tank Potion
    F - Cycle spells and Regen Tank Pot
    Q - Shoot Spell+Regen Tank pot after 1.5s

    Long range attacker, low(ish) defense and stuff, but good speed and damage
    Armor - 8
    Passive - Refill all HP on kill, +40% speed
    M1 - BOW SLAP!!! (3 Damage+KB I)
    M2 - Fire bow (Flame I)
    F - Rage (+50% Bow Damage (Power II), -4 Defense, +20% speed, no knockback to self)
    Q - Summon a weak swarm of melee skeletons, with 3 (x1.5) attack as well as 4 (x2) HP, cutting your HP by 6 (x3) as a result.

    I am taking requests for classes!

    Latest Progress Update :
    added hearts to thread and adding Wizard
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  2. So, basically kitpvp with some classes?
  3. yeh

    with vanilla+world download when finished.
    I will add screenshots when I can.
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  4. you should add a berserker
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  5. Hm, sounds cool, I might check it out when it's done! Will you keep the commands and such easily accessible so we can look at how it's done? :)
  6. Marlix and momentus class :>
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  7. Do you have any extra info? I don't get a very good idea of what it should be without exxtra stats. :p
    Yeah! The commands are just under the large spawn platform, and they are even labeled!
    How should they work in Super Combat?
    Smol Edit - I already know... :(
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  8. i do not c a purpose to this can u sorta explain a lot more
  9. It's a map that you can put on your server and play... I'm pretty confused by this question.
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  10. lol got on comp gonna add wizard---maybe not
  11. A long time later...