[PROJECT] Monopoly!

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  1. The board is done! I will start digging out my res now and when the supplies come in, I can start.

    Donation List:
    samsimx - 25,000r
    607 - 10,000r
    Qwerty189 - 10,000r
    PAVI259 - 2.500r
    _Red "Boom Chickens" Spectre_ -500r
    cutejuliew - Stone
    casper8472 - Quartz and Wool
    Thank you to teamcharger6 and cowland123 for helping out with supplies also!

    My template board:
    Monopoly Board:
  2. Could you make the corners 3*3 and the other properties be 2*3

    For example: The jail could be 2*2 orange with a total of 5 more blocks around it in a L shape using whatever color the board is made out of (turquoise?)
    The properties could be 2 blocks of the color scheme they are apart of then 4 in a 2*2 area using the same colord blocks as the rest of the board if that makes any sense.

    BTW is that some kind of UK monopoly board?
  3. Could you build an example of the corner jail and a property side by side and post it?
  4. If it wasn't already obvious, i am making this a full res thing.
  5. lol just realized that the example board i posted is really weird :p
  6. 4*8 on normal pieces, 8*8 corners, which, if I'm not mistaken adds up to 52 blocks, pretty close.
  7. I might do that and then make like a visiting or spectating area
  8. one block off again! it would be uneven if i just moved in one
  9. Nevermind, i just moved 2 sides in and it fixed it. I can even now!
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  10. According to my research, you would need to make each normal square 4.5x7.5
    The coreners would be 7.5x7.5
    Obviously, this is a problem. I would recommend rounding down because you will run out of space if you don't.
    Also, will this be a fully playable thing with redstone dice?
  11. Yes, i will be hiring somebody to do that when the board is done. The way i have it set up now is fine, i think i have it as 51x51 with an 8x8 square as the corners and 4x8 for the sides properties
  12. Woo! :D
  13. I will have an update picture soon. Just finishing up the luxury tax place.
  14. Not the prettiest, but it will do for now. I plan on working on the community chest and chance area as well as the middle monopoly symbol too.
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  15. You can make it so the chance and community chest will shoot out 1 random book that is a card from the set in the game. Like press a button and a get out of jail free book comes flying out.
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  16. I was planning to do that in the real build.
  17. If you'd like, you could use my utopia residence... It is completely useless as it is. I won't unclaim it if it is actually being used.
  18. Are you going to rename a TON of paper into money, or play with rupees?
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