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What SMP should the outpost be on?

SMP2 16 vote(s) 28.6%
SMP3 13 vote(s) 23.2%
SMP4 14 vote(s) 25.0%
SMP5 5 vote(s) 8.9%
SMP6 8 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. An EMC Society Official Project

    Over the past few days, I have been thinking about the community.While we are still a very strong group, it no longer feels as close, as kind as it used to. This is an issue that we have to fix ourselves. I think that the best way is to find something the community can unite over and work together with. This will be similar to LLO, but there will be a new experience centered around starting the outpost from the ground up. Right now, and let me make this clear. Physically, there is NOTHING! This project will not be existing when we start. We want to build this as a community, because that is the most exciting part! For more information, read below.

    Greece was one of the greatest civilizations of the Ancient World. Arguably, the two most influential cities were Athens and Sparta. Athens was a center of culture and wealth. They were a truly advanced society that relied on the power of knowledge to make things happen. They had high standards of living, were a huge center for trade and commerce, as well as an amazing artisans. On the other hand, we have Sparta. They are a powerful group of people. They are very strong, athletic, and were focused on survival. They were great huntsman and had a very natural lifestyle. In Project Greece, there will be two outposts side by side. One will be Athens: a city of trade and commerce with great builds and a focus on a civilized wild experience. Spartan will be a vanilla wild experience with some moderation to keep everyone happy. It will be an independent, but still shared experience.

    Right now, we aim for it to be at least 100k blocks out in the wild. Why this far? It is to protect the outpost. Anyone will be able to come to the outpost by land, but there will be a secret nether rail that is by invite only. This will prevent people from wanting to put that much effort into mass griefing, and keeping travel times low for trusted members. When the outpost is completed, there will be a membership process. We want to have a relatively inactive server with a lower wild base, so I listed servers that I consider have that description (plus SMP6 by request of my wild advisor).

    When you first arrive at the outpost, you will find yourself in an information center, with complimentary food. In Athens, there will be a market outside, with some parks and open areas. Outside of that ring, there will be plots (30x30 most likely) with roads. I will not post every detail, because I want this to be developed as a community.

    It will be just an open area the size of Athens. There will be a town center with some amenities, but all there will be beyond that is a code of conduct. This will still be written, but it asks to be courteous of land use, polite to others, follows EMC rules, and I assume you get the point. It will be in writing later.

    After the poll is done I will be going on an expedition with a few friends to find a location. After that, I will be leading daily expeditions for a week to get the outpost built. Over the next few days, I will be working with my founders to write policy for management.

    This is a new idea, and I am not going to do this alone, or even as a group of just the founders. I want this to be built as a community. This is the Lego equivalent of an outpost. It isn't a pre-built toy, part of the experience is building it. More details will come in the next few days, but if you have suggestions, concerns, want to help out, or anything else, reply below. I have ideas for rules and management, but I want to hear your ideas first.
  2. Reserved! Just a fair warning, I made the logo in MS Paint :p
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  3. Forget Athens,
  4. Too tired, I'll edit in comments tomorrow :p
  5. No
  6. I have Greek blood in me. This is going to be beautiful.
  7. **Reserved**

    Information about the outposts!

    As i am a founder, i will be helping with the wild build, I was the one who suggested to have it on smp6, as smp6 does not have any public outposts. There is so many builds and outposts on smp2, so, that is why i disagree with smp2.

    Now for the outpost, the main one in the middle will consist of several plots that are owned by the builders (Founders), and several plots around for others to build. There will be one main spawn building that will have all the information and rules.

    Although it is public, there will be some points where a build is walled off, but that is only if there is construction.

    There will also be several farms from plants to mob farms. There will be more information listed as the time comes by.

    For all those worried at mobs spawning, I have skills in designing builds to look nice, and spawn no mobs. I have a base on smp6 i use for test mob farms, and its 5K x 20K, and this whole chunk has no mobs spawning and looks very nice.

    I do not have as much time to build, but i will try my best to squeeze time in to build.

    Oh, also for those wondering how the bases will be separated, is, there will be a massive outline that will stand out, This is unknown of what at this time, but will be noted in time as well.

    Feel free to ask any questions that you may have......

    Mob Farms!

    **(Small hint of some of the farms - Iron, Gold, Guardian, and more)**

    I will be be looking for players to help look after the farms, as well as build new ones for the community to enjoy.

    Those players MUST know how to use SCHEMATICA!!
    This is Required as i build all the farms at my base, as tests to see if they work before i build them else where!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.....

    More information to come!!
  8. I like how everyone reseves their posts lol :D
    I really love the idea, but im currently busy with my own outpost.
    If you are in the planning phase, i would love to donate to the project!
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  9. Sounds interesting :p

    Also, just going to drop this in here, but the LLO is still active and we're working to try and get more new members :p
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  10. Edited the original post :)
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  11. Let's hope you don't go billions of rupees into debt xD
  12. This sounds like a great idea :)
  13. If you do end up with SMP6, I will be sure to get out there one day and join the fun. Also,l if your looking for donations for the rail I am more then willing to give you some rupees.
  14. Nice project! If it's not on SMP2 then I may perhaps bring my alt out there, this project sounds nice :)
  15. We have EXTREMELY adequate funding to last us a long time, and I am still working hard on collecting large donations as well as making money. We are in the donation business, not the money business. Once the two outposts are established, we will have lots of stone gems and farms to help make it without having to pay for anything, or go back and forth to town.
    I should be fine on normal rails since I have a few spare dc's of iron, but I will let you know about powered rails :)
    I am surprised how much SMP2 is winning! I hope to see you at the outpost anyways :)
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  16. Well, I was making a joke about the greek bailout crisis but I suppose if you have anough rupees to build it, that's fine :3
  17. I thought this was a joke thread about the Greek Economic Crisis (basically where the whole Eurozone is headed, lel), and/or their European Union referendum the 'no' vote won >.>
  18. spartans, what is your profession
  19. This is a great idea, but I don't see how it brings the community together. You're choosing a small group of your friends to build it and then other people you *invite* will be able to join in after the fact.
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