[PROJECT] EMC's first calculator!

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  1. Well,

    I have an open residence and I am determined to make EMC's first calculator! This project may seem stupid and pointless to you but, I thought it would be cool to make this so I am! :p Of course I will need some help so, here is a list of items I will need:

    - Repeaters

    - comparators

    -redstone dust

    -pistons and sticky pistons

    -Redstone lamps

    -Sandstone for the decoration area aswell as leaves and roses!

    -Rupees (this is believe it or not a very expensive project so feel free to donate)

    Now to make this even more worth it, I will name the calculator after the top donator! Here is link to the project:


    See ya around,

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  2. For the love of bump!
  3. There was one built before on utopia sometime ago. I wonder what happened to that res. this will be th second indeed but not the first . :/ good luck though :)
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  4. Ill see if I can donate like a stack of redstone I got a lot of it
  5. Is this your design or will it simply be a copy?
  6. I will donate somewhere between 5,000-10,000 rupees in the next week or so.
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  8. it will pretty much be a copy but a little bit of my design :D
  9. Well then..... that would suck XD
  10. Thanks! :D
    Thanks! need as much as possible :D
  11. I'll donate 1000r to this monstrosity ;)
  12. I'll get some comparators for you.
  13. What server is this going to be on?
  14. Awesome sauce.
  15. I will make it on utopia to make sure I have space XD
  16. And thanks for all these donations guys! I will set up chests for u too drop off stuff tomorrow.
  17. Is a redstone computer possible?
  18. well I wont be able to add multiplying and dividing but, other things should work. :D
  19. just a query, will this cause a lag issue to the server? im not technical minded so not sure.