Project Dark Forest

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Which server do you want the forest to be on?

Smp1 8 vote(s) 27.6%
Smp2 1 vote(s) 3.4%
Smp3 1 vote(s) 3.4%
Smp4 5 vote(s) 17.2%
Smp5 4 vote(s) 13.8%
Smp6 3 vote(s) 10.3%
Smp7 4 vote(s) 13.8%
Smp8 2 vote(s) 6.9%
Smp9 1 vote(s) 3.4%
  1. I have decided to build my very own forest in EMC! If you want the details of how I imagine this forest, please go to the Suggestion Box and look for the title marked, "Big Forests, Vast Mountain Ranges, and Adventure!"
    Pretty Colors!
    I have made this thread to recruit players to help me in this taskful project. Right now I am accepting up to 10 players. (More will be added if needed.)

    I also need to know what server this forest will be created on. I was thinking of having it on my hometown server smp1, but I will have a vote to see which server the majority prefers it to be on.

    So, if you want to be apart of this amazing project, please post/comment bellow and tell me so. Also, if you wish to help, we need a lot of bone meal, oak saplings (only oak) and lots of hard work/dedication.
    People helping in the project:
    1. NZScruffy
    2. zombieslayer010
    3. fluffinator09
    4. Jelle68
    5. blubber4456
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  2. Are you still wanting to do the quest aspect of this?
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  3. A link to your suggestion thread for reference:
    Big Forests, Vast Mountain Ranges, and Adventures!

    This is not a bad idea, but a huge project. Are you certain you want to make giant Oaks? You could use existing forests, and just build the paths/roads and towns, add quests etc.

    Maybe use a Mega Tiaga Biome and do that stuff. The mossy cobble can be mined up and utilised to make ruined towns. The podzol is a natural floor for a large forest anyway.

    Also, as I stated in the suggestion thread, you can use the upcoming Empires protection system to protect an area to do this in. I suggest you claim a wild 'Empire' area using a locked chest. In an area you think suitable for this. Make sure it is very far out on the map, and difficult to find.

    I have a multitude of ideas/suggestions to help build this, and make what you want come to life. I guess I'll post what I have now, and add to it as you come up with more things to build, or ideas for the area.

    Some thoughts:

    By huge Oak trees, I am probably picturing something greater than you were thinking. I can't find a good pic. But essentially, 3x3 and 4x4 trunks with 2x2 branches coming off the trunk. And around 30-50 blocks high. Could mix in some normal size Oaks as well, and brush and scrub like you said.

    You'd have to build these, so a tree farm nearby would help.
    - Find a skeleton spawner somewhere underground, build a wood farm machine nearby. Grow and chop wood while the skeleton spawner provides constant flow of bonemeal.

    Torch up the entire area for 120 blocks all around the area you build in. To stop mobs spawning and creepers blowing up what you build.

    A redstone dispencer system can be set up to issue books for quests. when a player completes part of a quest, a quest token is earned (another named book). throw book into quest machine, which then spits out another book with another quest, or next stage. This can be set up in various ways according to how the quest works. This is all doable.

    To facilitate the build of this huge project, you are going to need supplies. Many diamonds to replace gear, XP grinders to repair gear, Iron, redstone, etc.
    - A darkroom spawner can be built, along with various farms, to grind XP and collect resources for the project (gunpowder for TNT used in clearing areas, bones for wood farm, etc)
    - Iron farm to produce the many tools required.
    - Mining underground for diamonds, redstone, etc for building and repairing tools. Doubling as an underground Dungeon adventure, or work area for the above ground build.

    If you pick a location near various biomes, you can make use of the climates.
    Eg. a cold biome for snow/ice forest.
    A muchroom Island Biome where mobs cannot spawn.


    Now, I'd like to volunteer to help, I can do so much in a project like this. But I fear I spread myself thin over many projects. So I will say yea, i can help, but be aware my time will be limited. :) It would be a slow process over a year or two for me. :)
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  4. Yes, I still do tend to possibly do the quests.
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  5. I could write some of them if you wish :)
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  6. I do indeed like your ideas, for you have many, but regarding the oak trees, it's just a tree that is forced to grow tall.
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  7. That would be very helpful, would you like to be added to the list? Or will you just be writing the stories?
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  8. I'll help out..
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  9. Awesome, adding you now. In a few days, (hopefully) we will find out what server this will be built on. :)
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  10. Sweet. Doing some other stuff.. But will be able to help here and there! :D
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  11. Sounds good
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  12. Both as well as other stuff potentially.
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  13. Sweet, adding you now.
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  14. There are still 7 spots open. Anybody else want to help?
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  15. should make the forest kind of liek this
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  16. 1. I Wanna help with stuff I have a lot of oak saplings

    2. Wy you do it on a smp Utopia has 120 x 120 resses Nice to buld samthing loke this:
  17. Lol, um, that would take a few years... :confused: Cool idea though. My idea is much simpler. You just force grow a sapling into a tall oak tree. I am actually creating a small example on my utopian residence 5394. Come check it out and tell me how it looks.
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  18. I Would love to help. Only problem is i don't donate so i dont have acess to utopia.
  19. I will not be building the forest on utopia just to get that out. This is because regular members can't access the utopian wild. Also, if you are going to help blubber4456, I will gladly add you. :)
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  20. I have drop 3 stacks of oak saps on your suggarcane farm at 5393