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  1. Alright, so for the past year I have been building what I want my Utopia residence (#5005) to look like in single player so that I can have plans to build with and get it exact the first time to not waste any materials. Now, after a year has passed, the plans are 100% completed. The only trouble now is building it for real on the empire. I estimate that it will take approximately (If it is build the EXACT way I want it) 2million rupees if I were to purchase every single block in the entire building. That's not including the Ender Crystal and End Portals that I wish I could have at some point. So I am going to need some help. If anyone can, donate to me on my residence (#5005) on Utopia. You can toss the items into the fountain, there are hoppers that will take your items to my donations room below.

    My goal was to build an "everything in one" residence where people from all servers would come to Utopia to purchase things they needed. I plan to sell everything (Except EMC Promos and whatnot) in bulk. I also have many farms to keep the items stocked regularly. My residence will have the cheapest prices around on most items. Being "The Emerald King" I will sell emeralds for only 30r each! No one will go lower than me (Insert evil laugh here). I have a Casino and an Enchanted Item Shop, a hotel and a vault (That you can try to break into :p), and a drop party area on the rooftop called "Bucket Drop."

    Here are all the pictures I have taken of the rooms I thought needed to be shown. There is at least one picture of all the areas (Shop, Hotel, Casino, Enchanted Item Shop, etc.) Warning: Opening spoiler may cause some lag due to the HUGE EPICNESS of all 31 pictures.

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  4. I am going to need donations and some help funding to get this thing up and running faster. I cant pay for diamond subscriptions all year around, so I need some help. Once I get it done, it will start paying for itself. I will have a donations wall somewhere on the residence and I may give discounts to people who donated to me. If you donate items in the fountain, please don't rename them. I want to be able to use what you give me.
  5. I like the desigen but I'm real low on my r I will done 1K I want to see it done! :D
  6. first off, theres plenty of people who sell emeralds less then 30r each you just gotta know where to look.

    secondly why should we donate to a shop? what do we get out of it? access to unique farms? discounted prices? doesent seem worth it if all thats there is another way for you to make money.

    last, and i dont mean to sound rude but that little thing took you a year to make in single player. the lot has been sitting mostly empty and unused for that long what kind of guarantee to donators get that it isnt going to take just as long on emc?
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  7. We are trying to get the emerald worth something again, right now it's almost worthless to those who have infinite paper villager trades.

    The reason you would want to donate is so it can be done quicker and give you a cheap place to shop to be built fast and easier.

    Lastly, MrBigBux has me and many others to build it with him, it has just him and me building on it, we finished many times but decided to change some things, We are also working on many other projects along with this one. The lot was owned by another person for about 2/3 of the time we were working on it, we got it and started. Also the underground is filled to the top with other stuff, the pictures just don't show some of them.
  8. I would like to see you build something to this scale by yourself in less than one year :p . I have a very busy life first of all. I cannot be at my computer gaming 24/7. Second, the things I ask for when I ask everyone to donate is not stuff I am just going to resell for profit. I need goods like stone brick to build my actual shop. The benefit is you get a shop with the cheapest prices around and I will sell things in all kinds of quantities. I am trying to make a shop that sells just about everything in bulk like the EMC shop, but at a far cheaper price. Third, the emerald is now worthless due to the secrets being revealed about the infinite paper to villager farm. The emerald was worth about 50r when I started building my residence on Utopia. The prices dropped when the secret to infinite resources was given. My plan was to sell emeralds for super cheap, but now, I am trying to get the emerald to be worth something again. Also, what you see above ground is what I have actually put together. Behind the scenes, I have been gathering resources to build my shop and build the means to supply it. Even if I put everything into my shop, I would not have the means to supply it properly without massive scale farms. So I have a ton more to build than just the shop itself. However, once it is all built, I have dozens of people to help supply it (cyberazaz101, Admiral_D_929, Sir_Rennik, Derpface345, and many others). I hope this enlightened you and others who were confused on the same subject. :)
  9. I am also a supplier to the shop. As far as farms go, we have to build mob grinders as well to supply mob drops. It takes a lot of careful planning before a great and awesome product can be released. BigBux Tower was planned before it was built. But, when we built that, we did not have the means to supply it properly. Now, to correct this mistake, we are constructing BigBux Utopia. Donations of any kind are always helpful to making the farms and the shop itself.
  10. i built three wilderness outposts almost singlehandedly and five reses to completion in a year (which is a considerably larger amount of area then this encompasses) the point of questioning the length of time however was not a pissing contest it was to measure your level of commitment/flesh out the other people helping on the project. i hate when i donate to things and then it never gets finished or people give up and thus i wanted to get some kind of timeframe of the length its going to take to complete. ill try and donate some dc's of stone bricks
  11. YEY first non useless utopia residence! :D

    Also, how do you plan on doing the end portal frame?
  12. Gotcha. Well, I have been working towards the project every day I can. It is an immense amount of work. Since I don't have the money to go diamond every month, I have to work harder to get the supplies I need to build it. Plus, I would rather not build this all by myself, otherwise it might take another year haha. I wait until my friends can help out and we get an entire section of it done at once. It did not take me a year to throw it together by the way. I edited it tons of times and moved things around, played with the lighting, and redesigned areas completely. It took me a year to get the final product I was hoping for. I don't just wing things and hope it turns out cool. I like to carefully plan every single block to ensure I am building something that will turn out the way I hope. Then, I use the single player map as a guide and blueprints to build the real one. I do this for every single residence I have ever made. Even though it will be a long time before it is going to be finished, I assure you I am working as hard as possible on it every day. :)
  13. I believe you can have end portals on a residence, but you must pay an admin to put those blocks there for you. :)
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