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  1. So glad that I found this thread again! I'm still so in love with my lil flower ghibli boy. :love: :<3:
    And I come with a new request, if that's okay! If it's possible, that same skin but with the character holding or playing with a little dinosaur?
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  2. Alright,
    I have been occupied with everyday life the last few weeks, so your drawing got a bit delayed.
    Found some time today, so here you go.
    (I didn't know what dinosaur to draw so i just added multiple)
  3. oh my GOODNESS it's adorable, I love it <3

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  4. Hey I would love a new pic of me as the headless horsemen standing by my throne with my head shouting Spooky Month! It is my same skin as well.

    Thanks in advance! :)
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  5. Aah, it's so cute! :D
  6. Another drawing today, bit more evil looking for DrasCorp.
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