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  1. Hey everyone,

    With the release of the most recent Easter event, I have decided to give away some of my official heads for the first time.
    Now, it would be strange for me to make it that easy, so if you want one of my Official Build Team Heads (Patent pending) you will have to earn them.
    I challenge you all to complete my tasks and earn these collectibles.
    There are only 10 of them in existence, so don't miss this opportunity.

    The challenges:

    - In the Easter event (2023) there is an NPC with my head. Take a screenshot selfie next to it and post it in this thread. First person wins. Claimed by Eulenax

    - Complete the Easter event (2023) in a record time. Submit a link with video proof in this thread. Fastest person by the time the event is taken offline wins. (time starts when you enter the event or reset, time ends once you collect 15 rabbits)

    - Become rich in the Easter event (2023). Collect 1.000.000 EP, take a screenshot and post it in this thread. First person wins. Claimed by NuclearBobomb

    - Start a zoo in the Easter event (2023). Collect 50 rabbits, take a screenshot and post it in this thread. First person wins. Claimed by daanhu

    - Find Fred in the Easter event (2023). Take a screenshot selfie next to him and post it in this thread. First person wins. Claimed by daanhu

    - Get creative. Building this town in steampunk style was pretty difficult. Build your own steampunk house or vehicle and post a screenshot in this thread. Up to 5 winners get selected after the Easter event goes back offline. (doesn't have to be on EMC, feel free to build offline in creative mode)

    Keep it fair, keep it fun and please no alts.
    Heads will be mailed out after the event goes offline.
    Any heads that don't get claimed now will probably be up for another challenge at the next event.
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  3. for the speed runing part found a actual good path
  4. oof the 50 rabit 1 is so hard im only ad 26 bunny.s afther hours
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  5. And there we go. The event went offline so i have send out the first 4 heads to their respective winners.

    But it seems the event came back for more action, so I'll keep this small competition going for a bit longer, 6 more heads are still available.
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  6. gime that 3 head
    note i dit do this on my tijshu acc since i spent 4 days getting 50 rabits on my oder acc
    since u need to reset your progres if im corect i asked progryck
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  7. jewel you
  8. Doing some cleanup work on smp1 in the wild. Area that needed re-terrain as a nuke had gone off there on a small strip of desert area. All the sand taken and a scarred crater left. It's few hundred blocks from spawn, near a road someone installed to make travel easier. Most of the tree planting and terrain work has already been done, done whenever I needed a break from some other aspect of the game.
    Except for this hole. Had never really decided what went into this terrible chunk square dig down. Enter the inspiration of the digging drill. After I got it in (stupidly forgot scaffolding) I noticed that it not as beefy as I would have liked. It also needs some additional decor. But this is enough to get the picture entered (as I require your head).
    Will post follow-ups as they happen.

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  9. Decided to build a Steampunk Fishsub at my harbour on utopia. First time for this sort of theme for me... think Ill add some more weathered blocks into it though

    6 passenger cabin

    engine room