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  1. I've just made two pieces of software - one called Dunamis and one called Dunamis Creator.
    These pieces of software allow you to create awesome, simple webpages without knowing a thing
    about coding or having time to spare - they're quick (<1 minute to create a full page) and simple (no coding experience required).
    And I'm now making it available to all you EMC players, totally* free.
    *has premium subscription option, which you can get codes for by participating in events hosted by me/asking me nicely

    There are four fully-functional styles available right now: Aerial, Alpha, Slyce, and Sandstone.
    Sandstone.. I'm still working on a description for it. Just try for yourself?
    Alpha has a higher focus on an image of your choice (optional), and includes 4 spaces for text to go (optional), but doesn't have any icons.
    Aerial, however, lets you add as many icons as you like (not really, I believe it's up to 27) to a simple, one-page design with 3 spaces for text (optional).
    And finally, Slyce is like Aerial with a slightly different design.
    It's totally your choice - view the examples below.
    And once you create your page, you'll get your very own link to that exact page, which is pretty awesome.

    Here are some examples.
    http://goo.gl/lA2wPB This is an example for the Aerial style.
    http://goo.gl/Z98UpG And this is what Alpha looks like.
    No example for Sandstone or Slyce style yet, working on it.

    Download Latest Version (v4.0.0):

    And since I know you'll have questions - an FAQ!

    Can I buy Premium?

    No, you can ask me for it (I sometimes give it away) or go to a giveaway I sometimes hold.

    Can you add this icon?

    If it doesn't exist in the creator, you can use Custom Icon. If you don't have Premium, no.

    What use does this serve?

    Not everyone can code/takes the time out of their day to do it.
    Also, even hand-coding you can't create a website this pretty in less than a minute.

    What is the color of fish?

    Not a valid question, try again.

    What does dlgen mean?

    Download General.

    If you don't get this post, just try it out and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
  3. Wow, seems awesome. I'll mess around when I get a few minutes!
  4. This looks amazing! Great job will have to make something!
  5. Dang I've coded for so long and my biggest accomplishment was a bot that connected to a game I used to play and generate worlds/talk.

    In other worlds, I may be just a wee little impressed.. :rolleyes:
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  6. Codes given to canuckshockey and xHaro_Der. For the next 3 or so people who ask, I might have a free code or two.. :)
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  7. If this gets hugely popular a bunch of people will spam you with "can i hve premium plzz, ur me bestfran" xD
  8. I just went to examples, and I have no idea how nobody has done this before and gotten popular. Very simple concept of just inputting values, and good on you for applying it somewhere useful =D

    I haven't launched the .exe as it's midnight for me and I'm just on my phone in bed but I'll make sure I try it out tomorrow. I have a few suggestions in mind if the .exe is what I think it is, and perhaps I could give it an overhaul in C# if I find some nice tweaks :)
  9. it's already in C# :p
  10. cool
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  11. Wups. Mind uploading source code so I can take a look before going to bed? Or just pasting it in a

  12. here's the part where it turns it into a string
    title = textBox1.Text.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26");
                bull1 = textBox2.Text.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26");
                bull2 = textBox3.Text.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26");
                final = "http://www.elucidator.co/dunamis?g=y"; 'The "g=y" means it was created with Dunamis Generator.
                if (title == "") { } else { final += "&title=" + title; }
                if (bull1 == "") { } else {final += "&dispbull=y&bull1=" + bull1 + "&bull2=" + bull2;}
                if (customicon == "") { } else { final += "&custom=y&customicon=" + customicon + "&customlink=" + customlink; }
                if (fb == "") { } else { final += "&fbid=" + fb; }
                if (twitter == "") { } else { final += "&twitterid" + twitter; }
                if (reddit == "") { } else { final += "&redditid=" + reddit; }
                if (gplus == "") { } else { final += "&gplusid=" + gplus; }
                if (yt == "") { } else { final += "&ytid=" + yt; }
                if (github == "") { } else { final += "&github=" + github; }
                if (win == "") { } else { final += "&windowsicon=" + win.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (linux == "") { } else { final += "&linuxicon=" + linux.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (code == "") { } else { final += "&dlcode=" + code.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (cube == "") { } else { final += "&cubeicon=" + cube.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (zip == "") { } else { final += "&dlarchive=" + zip.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (image == "") { } else { final += "&dlimage=" + image.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (video == "") { } else { final += "&dlvideo=" + video.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (audio == "") { } else { final += "&dlaudio=" + audio.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
                if (dlgen == "") { } else { final += "&dlgeneral=" + dlgen.Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26"); }
    every time you hit a button, this code is run (slightly modified)
            private void fbbutton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                fb = Interaction.InputBox("Please input your Facebook ID (or blank if you don't want to add an icon)").Replace(" ", "%20").Replace("&", "%26");

    it's very, very simple :p
  13. Nice. Now, if you were able to make forums, I'd download it twice instead of once.
  14. Gets the job done, eh? :p

    I have some ideas just to make life a little easier on the end user, as if it isn't already lol. I'll pull that button code off you just so I don't have to write it and then I have ideas :)
  15. Sorry, no can do :p
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  16. Heh, I'll explain in detail why forums using this method would be udderly wasteful & impossible when I get to a computer tomorrow :p
  17. oh god the puns
    they're so unoregano
    pretty spicy tho
    but I guess I'm assalting you with these terrible puns,
    while he only peppered you with one
  18. Really why can't I like something twice..
  19. Very simple and effective! I like this alot, and will use it when I need to :D! Thank you for sharing this out to the public.
  20. It's just one of those things, that isn't even hard to make but makes life so much easier.

    Kind of like windows, or electricity, or pants! (Too far :S?)
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