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  1. Hello, I'm having lots of fun creating my shop and residence, and exploring the wastes, frontier, and nether. I'm bit of a writer and I am looking to sell my original stories in written, signed books in my shop. However, the only way it seems I can input into book and quills is to type it directly. I'm sure you can imagine, it is very time consuming and tedious to have to do it this way. So, I'm requesting this to see if there is any way you could allow duplication of written, signed books? or if there's a way to copy + paste text in the book and quill?

    Thanks for your consideration,
  2. You already can duplicate books. Just put a finalized, signed book into a crafting grid with a normal written book. :)
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  3. I never knew you could do this. And this has been a thing for nearly 2 years?!
  4. I'm not sure exactly how long it's existed. It's been a thing for a while, though, at least a year, probably.
  5. Copying written books has been around since 1.7.2
  6. Yup!
    Also, If

    You copy the book: Original
    Someone else copies the book: Copy
    Someone else copies that book: Copy of a Copy
    Some one else copies that book: Tattered (Copy?)

    If I made a mistake, tell me.
  7. Only you can copy your own books - I believe that the EMC mechanics for books mean that nobody else can copy a book from somebody else :)
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  8. Ok. However, aren't you able to copy other people's books in 100% Vanilla?
  9. You can also copy+paste from any text file into a book. I use this to move stories from my wordpad to MC books quickly, and to save backups, in case something happens to the books on the server.
  10. Thanks! I never knew! Now I can start my book store! :D
  11. how do you do that I've tried Ctrl+V and that doesnt seem to work...
  12. you do ctrl +c and ctrl+v, but you need to copy a section that's not too large to fit on the page. My books are saved in wordpad files in 'paragraphs' that are just the right size to fit in an MC book. Try copying a sentence or two, to see how it sizes up on the MC book, and go from there.
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  13. I actually really like this idea... I must adopt this idea for when I write books in the future :p Do you write it into wordpad first and then copy + paste it into the MC book sentences at a time?
  14. Yes, but it has the "Copy of".

    In EMC, we removed the "Copy of" so a player can make copies of their own books that don't say Copy of, and only they can clone it.
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  15. I wish there was a way to have the "Copy of"

    That was one of the things that got me excited for 1.8
  16. Thanks for your help, Everyone! I finally got it all worked out! I have the first chapter of one of my books transcribed.
    I plan to do more but I want to see what kind of feedback I get from it first. Also, if you all wouldn't mind, please spread the word about my bookstore :D I would greatly appreciate, even if it's just in passing. its:

    /v 14026 on smp7

    I able willing to accept short story requests as well.
    If you'd like, as a promotional deal( thanks for your help with getting it started), pm me when I'm online in-game and visit my shop and mention "forum" I'll give you a special price for the each chapter!
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