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  1. i was walking around my res and got into my promo/rares room
    i then thought i have a decent amount of them and was asking myself what they are worth these days
    so now I'm opening this thread
    asking for peeps if they know the value of these promos/rares
    i want to say this before writing all my promos
    im not selling anything, so plz don't pm me with offers

    so what i have:
    independence helmet = 22k
    independence chest = 22k
    2 x independence pants = 22k
    independence boots = 22k
    3 x independence day firework = 10k
    empire firework (4th of july 2014) = 10k
    3 x freedom blade = 25k
    freedom blade (unopened chest) = 34k

    independence day firework (2013) = 20k
    empire firework (4th of july 2013) = 20k
    4 x 2013 new years firework = 20k
    2012 new years firework = 45k

    marlix's bow = 50k
    marlix's chestplate = 50k
    momentus's toothpick = 35k

    turkey slicer = 35k
    holiday pick = 40k
    ore buster = 150k
    cupid's bow = 20k
    lucky bow = 30k

    netherhound = 30k

    rudolph = 30k
    salter (spawned) = 30k

    maxarian head = 15k
    stable voucher = 10k
    3 x vault voucher = 17k
    2 x haunted heads = 30k
    2 x book of colors = 20k
    4 x 2014 bday cake = 10k
    valentine gift (flower) = 45k
    labor bench = 30k
    2 x eggcelent wand = 10k
    icc skin = 2k
    icc flesh = 2k
    4 x freedom steak = 2.5k

    purple krysyy head = 400k
    purple people party paper = 300k
    80k chestplate = 600k

    TOTAL = 2.549k

    so thats all i think,
    i want to thank everyone who's gonna reply :p
  2. nobody gonna help me :(
  3. I'll say in a bit, I'll give MY estimates. :)
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  4. Woah, its not like I updated the prices on that page in the last post heheh.
    Not that i'm completely accurate all the time, but still.

    Snag the prices from that page and toss em in, ill update them the best I can.

    Hey, want to be friends for no apparent reason whatsoever???:rolleyes:
    Friends share right???:eek:
  5. the golden isn't right tho :p
    and some stuff isn't added yet high :p
    we are already friends :p
  6. For a pricecheck on some of your items, you can go to 9001, on smp4.

    I have interest in some of your items, so if you're thinking of selling some of your promo/rare items, feel free to pm me. I'm sure we'll figure it out :)
  7. i knew at least someone would ask something like that :p
    I'm sorry, I'm not selling anything atm
  8. can someone check what i filled in
    and i still need the price for the iday stuff and the purple people party
  9. Seems like you want a price check on all promos ever created xD

    Turkey slicer: round 35k
    Cupids bow: round 20k
    Used Rudolph 30k
    Unused Rudolph: 35k
    Salter: 30k
    Vault Voucher: 17k
    Haunted Heads: round 30k
    Labour Day bench: 30k
    IcC skin and flesh: 5k
  10. thanks mirrorr :)
    now i need the prices of the iday stuff and the pop stuff
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  11. purple krysyy head = 400k+
    purple people party paper = 300k+
    80k chestplate = 600k+
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  12. thanks mman :p
    anyone knows the iday stuff?
  13. I believe the iday armors are worth around 22k each right now. Orebuster is worth a bit more than 100k. I would say it is worth 160k or more now a days. The Freedom Blade is worth around 25k I believe. Not certain on the fireworks, but 8-10k is a good guess. I hope this is all accurate. I like to keep tabs on prices of promos. :)
  14. thanks :)
    anyone know the price of an unopened freedom blade chest
  15. The unopened freedom blade chest should be worth around 34k. :)
  16. I vote we as a community up the price of ALL iday promos. Most specifically the Freedom Blades (seeing how i purged and bought a SC of them) All in favor of increasing the price of freedom blades to 30-35k please like this comment! ;p

    Also the unopened freedom blade chests should go for around 50k each IMO but oh wellz.

    Also Also if you're looking to buy promos epic, i sell it at /v 17000 on /smp8
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  17. thanks everyone :p
    i will check it mirrorr
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