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  1. I think that the community could benefit from this, there hasn't been one made yet. I see a lot of price check threads regarding promos, so why not make a community reference sheet for this market. This page holds current market values for almost all of the promos or unique EMC Items that are out there, and I will try to keep on top of it as time passes. This page can probably help you if you are a shop owner wanting to price your promos. NOTE: There is no way that I know the prices for all the items listed here, so I need you guys to help out and name some values for items for me. ;):)
    Lists are ordered from oldest to newest.

    Mob Drops
    Shiny Items (Flesh and Arrow): 25 rupees each
    Haunted Candy (5 types, received through Haunted Head): 25 rupees per piece
    Marlix Gear (4 pieces total): 90k per piece (Entire set goes around 400k)
    Momentus Toothpick: 75k
    Dragon Stone Fragment: 3k
    Dragon Stone: 20k
    Taste of Freedom Steak: 2500 rupees per piece
    Avalauncher: 250k

    Traditional MC Rarities
    Dragon Egg: 1,000,000 Rupees
    Mod/Admin Heads: Average of 100k (depends on person) :p
    Beacons: 15k
    EMC Assistants: 100 rupees

    In-Game Redeemables
    Vault Voucher: 12k
    Treasure Voucher: 100k
    Stable Voucher: 12k
    Eggnog Voucher: 1,000,000 Rupees
    Iron Supporter Vouch: 100k
    Gold Supporter Vouch: 200k
    Diamond Supporter Vouch: 400k
    Max Residence Voucher: 750k
    Derelict Voucher: 1,000,000 Rupees
    Voters Block (Varies on type): 200k
    Block of Clickyness (Varies on type): 250k

    EMC Promotion Items
    2012 EMC Ann. Firework: 60k
    Valentines Rose: 150k
    60k Members Items (7 pieces total NOT including Ore Buster): 150k per piece
    Ore Buster: 180k
    2013 EMC Firework: 40k (It is significantly more rare than the IDay)
    2013 IDay Firework: 30k
    Promo Horse Incitatus: 120k
    Promo Horse Saltar: 110k
    Promo Horse Valens: 100k
    Netherhound Egg: 50k
    2013 Labor Bench: 35k
    2013 Haunted Head (Hasn't dispensed Candy): 40k
    2013 Haunted Head (Has dispensed Candy): 30k
    2013 Turkey Slicer: 45k
    Promo Instructions: 140k
    Holiday Pick: 75k
    Promo Horse Rudolph: 75k
    2013 EMC Ann. Firework: 30k
    Cupid Bow (Same lore as 2015 Bow): 20k
    Lucky Bow: 40k
    ICC Skin: 5k
    ICC Flesh: 5k
    Maxarian Head: 20k
    Book of Colors: 40k
    Magical Eggcellant Wand: 15k
    Starter Gear (Total Collection): 6k
    IDay Armor (4 pieces): 35k per piece
    2014 IDay Firework: 20k
    2014 EMC Firework: 25k
    Freedom Blade: 45k
    2014 EMC Birthday Cake: 20k
    2014 Labor Bench: 25k
    2014 Headless Horseman Mask: 30k
    Spooky Mob Egg: 20k
    Remembrance Poppy: 20k
    2014 Turkey Slicer: 50k
    Ham Hacker: 30k
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device: 25k
    Holiday Candle: 15k
    Dancer: 25k
    2014 EMC Ann. Firework: 20k
    Cupid Arrows (1 Stack): 3k
    Cupid Spawn Egg: 25k
    Cupid Chest Bundle: 55k
    Pi Day Celebration Pie: 20k
    Pot O' Gold: 20k

    Obviously, every promo listed above is not in a condition where the item was affected (tool used, egg spawned, etc.). Please respond guys, for the sake of promos. :p
  2. Fourth, lol
    Is it possible to get more than one set of voters armor on one account
  3. you can buy it on /shop
  4. Voters armor? Will it have the buyers name
  5. Question:
    Is this an average price per piece, 40k for the whole set, or 40k per piece?
  6. I's sorry didn't see the voter part thought we were talking about iday Armour
  7. 40 per piece.
  8. I may be no bloodra1n but I'd say otherwise.

    Helmet = 27k
    Chest = 50k
    Pants = 40k (got that one right ;) )
    Boot = 24k
    Bow = 50k
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  9. you are right this sounds a little better.
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  10. Per item, not for the whole set.
  11. Average price per piece, yeah I'll make that more specific.
  12. Bumps I need you gods of the promo market to finish off this list.
  13. The prices for the promo horses are way low.
  14. Well what you think they are then?
  15. On smp2 4005 (Alexchance) and on smp1 2000, all the promo horses are bought for over 30k and sold much higher. Even offering that high a price, they are rarely in stock and when they get one, it is sold within a couple of days. When ever I have bought a promo horse in the last few weeks, it has been for 25 to 40k. When you consider how old a promo the horses are, the fact that you can use horses and they never get any less useful, and the fact that the incitatus are valuable breeders, I can't imagine selling one for less than 30k. Not many people who have promo horses want to sell them. That is just my opinion.
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  16. ICC flesh-2k
    ICC skin-2k
    Egg wand-9k is average
    Netherhound egg-30k
    Labor bench-25k
    Turkey slicer-30k
    Lucky bow-30k
    Cupids bow-25k
    And yea, horses are all minimum of 30k
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  17. Ur missing the mob launcher too.
    35k for it
    Also, Everlasting Axestopper-35k