[price check] rare items

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  1. Maxarian Shoes (rarity: 1:9) ~~ A few millions I believe.
    Tales of Eternia (rarity: 1:32) ~~ I paid 500k a long time ago. Could be close to a Million now.
    ICC Valentine's Day Head (rarity: unknown [I think ICC said there were about 200 heads distributed in the event]) ~~ Won mine in an auction for 1.5 Million. I'm sure it's worth a bit more now.
    Everlasting Axestopper (rarity: unknown) Anywhere from 650k or more.
    Netherhounds x2 ~~ 90k
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  2. and the Pot Of Gold still goes for around 20Kr I beleve (I see ThaKloned din't do that one)
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  3. Ya wasn't 100% on that one or the 2014 Token Avalauncher.
  4. That one goes for about 50-100Kr I beleve, but I haven't seen an auctiopn on one in ages....