[Price check] A few staff heads

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by LtCaptainMe, May 27, 2016.

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  2. Everything Kloned said is very accurate. The Aikar Heads are pretty hard to evaluate since most of them are pretty rare and mostly collectors own them.
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  3. Mass murder :p
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  6. Yes i agree, iKloned's prices very accurate so i would follow them
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  7. Oh, they're not that hard to win, though...
    Okay :)
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  8. They are hard to win as you can only get them from Winning Last Block Standing, you don't get one from winning firefloor itself, you have to be the person standing on the last block left.
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  9. Don't you think the difference between those two guesses is a bit big? :p
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  10. I know, but I feel since you can get it, maybe it's no that difficult...
  11. There is actually only a small chance to get last blocked standing so it is kind of rare, considering only 24 people have won it
  12. I know :) But, hey, we're all different.. :)
  13. 24, that seems like quite a lot, actually :p
    Are Fire Floors still being held, then?
  14. The reason why they are so expensive is that people who get them usually don't want to sell them so they would give a high price to sell them, it is quite an achievement when you acquire one, and FireFloors are held weekly at 4pm EMC time on Thursdays.
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