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  1. About a year ago, I started a project known by the name “The Good Samaritan Society”, as an attempt to be a low maintenance alternative to my famous “Good Samaritan Award”, an annual contest ran every year. The goal of these two establishments were to help circulate funds within the community to community projects; on a basic level, it was a bank for charities. A non-profit organization could request for a donation, and we would decide if they could get money from our reserves. However, this idea was poorly constructed, and I was not yet mature enough to handle something like this.

    More recently, I was contacted by the great highlancer54 to help revive a project we were working on a long time ago, known as the EMC Society. It was originally a much smaller project, with social intents, but together we evolved the idea. We wanted to make an organization that would help revive the community, and bring everyone in it closer together. This is the official announcement for the EMC Society!

    The Society will be a large and complex project, and is still in a developmental phase. As decided with highlancer, the project is too large to be handled between two people, and a project for the community should be built by the community. In this thread, you can find out more about the project, find ways to help, and you can also give us advice on our policy.


    The EMC Society has three main jobs.

    Financial Support: Our main goal is to encourage others to make their own community projects. There are many people on EMC who have great ideas of how to make the community a more fun place (contests, public utilities, and other projects), and it is important that these people find proper funds to help make these projects happen. While it is easy to make money on EMC, this is not true for everyone. Sometimes projects need a push, and a donation can be that push. Through an application process, a player can submit their project through a review process, with a request for rupees, items, or anything else they may need. A committee may then decide on what the project gets (if any) based off the project and requested amount. For more information on the process, check the financial process section.

    Promotional Support: The society will have a home page thread, as well as club houses for members. When we help a project fiscally, we also have the right to promote it on a bulletin
    board. This will either be a thread or a website with a list of sponsored project, with information and links related to that said project.

    In-House Projects: Of course, we will have our own projects! Projects such as (including but not limited to) The Good Samaritan Award, the Museums of hashhog3000 and mman2832, a large public outpost (work in progress), and many more projects will all be official projects, managed by the SSSS. They will have access to society funds through the same process, and will have unlimited promotional support.

    I recently had a chat with SSSS members mman2832 and hashhog3000, and we have recently agreed on a business deal. The SSSS will merge with the EMC Society, and will become the official In-House project division of the society. They will collaborate with the society for funding, but will remain mostly independent. They also retain the right to separately collect donations and host other projects.

    Of course, one of our main duties to perform will be to supply funds (both in items and in rupees) to community projects. Through an application process, a non-profit organization can request funds for a project. There will be groups of committees (approx. 12 people) who vote on applications, and how much funding they get if any. These committee members will be added to a committee through donations and an application process.

    At discretion of the Society, we will offer memberships for rupees. With a membership, the buyer is given the right to vote on a committee of their choosing. There will be 4 committees (in-town projects, wild projects, contests, and other), and members will be randomly chosen to serve on a vote for a specific charity. All members will also be able to vote on in-house projects and any sort of elements regarding management.

    We know that this sounds like an odd system, but do not worry; your donation will be used properly and will be accounted for. Two staff members are on the team to keep everything in check, and all transactions will be documented and released to the public. Spreadsheets will be updated automatically, and a summary report will be released every other month.

    As mentioned earlier, we will be working with the SSSS for in-house projects. They will be funded by the Society with guidance of the members’ votes. They will remain mostly independent, and can request funding from the society at our discretion. However, they are entitled to also make events with their own funding.

    Right now, we are looking for a group of 12 members who help evolve the society, lead committees, and manage the society in general. We are looking for leaders and visionaries. If you feel like you are fit for this position, please contact me via pm.

    Right now, the society has access to multiple millions of rupees and dozens of millions in promos. Estimates are still being drawn, but at the moment, 4-6 million is currently available. Please contact me for information about memberships and donations.

    To donate to the society, please fill out the Membership Pre-Order or Donation gforms below J

    Gform for Donations: http://goo.gl/forms/ljwCaVSosI
    Gform for Membership Pre-Ordering: http://goo.gl/forms/DhK8BDbnpz

    Right now, this is still a new and developing idea. If you have questions or comments, feel free to talk about it below, or in a PM. I have checked with staff to ensure that the system is completely legal :)
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  2. Right now, we are also looking for builders. We would love to hire builders to design club houses in SP (for now, one utopia club house). They would be rewarded with free membership, advertisement of their name on the club, and a possible chance in reaching a founders status. For more details, feel free to contact me.
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  3. Reserved
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  4. sounds great :)
  5. I wouldn't mind helping at all :)

    I love the idea and I think an application is definitely needed.

    PM me via. forums for info on how I could help, thanks.
  6. Sent in a donation form and the other form ;)
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  7. An application for what specifically? There are already member and donation forms. I have a process for determining founding members, as all stated in the OP. I would prefer to keep that through PM's so all the current founding members can see it and judge
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  8. Might consider do some stuff for ya, maybe some counseling on your project, or advise in the design. Don't have too much time unfortunately but am definitely interested in helping on a small level. :) If you'd like to see some of my in progress work head over to 18312 on SMP9.
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  9. Me too!
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  10. Sounds interesting, it's nice to see a thread from you! :)
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  11. The mall you are building looks great! I will contact you as things move forward :)
    Do you have any builds on EMC or a gallary of other builds I can see?
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  12. Glad this got posted. As was previously mentioned the SSSS will be an In-House Project of the EMC Society. We look forward to working with the EMC Society to make EMC that much better to play on.
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  13. Awesome!!
  14. Sure lemme gather some together
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  15. Sounds good :). When you gather them, shoot me a pm :)
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  16. Sorry didn't see it earlier :p Was up north and not home. I will write more here later when I am not so busy :)
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  17. I can't wait to hear what you have to say :)
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  18. This sounds great. It is always nice to see players trying to help others and bringing people together.
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  19. I have joined the group of founders and will do my best to support to the Society and pitch in to our efforts :)
  20. I was planning to release that myself, but this works too :p

    finch_rocks_1 and Kyzoy will also join :)