[Presents!] Choose a theme for a present for you! Please No alts

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Which Theme Would You Like?

Overworld Explorer Kit 4 vote(s) 8.9%
Nether Explorer Kit 1 vote(s) 2.2%
End Explorer Kit 3 vote(s) 6.7%
Ocean Explorer Kit 8 vote(s) 17.8%
Potion Brewer Kit 3 vote(s) 6.7%
Mining Kit 10 vote(s) 22.2%
Enchanter Kit 2 vote(s) 4.4%
Miniboss Hunting Kit 11 vote(s) 24.4%
Armor Kit 2 vote(s) 4.4%
Tools Kit 1 vote(s) 2.2%
  1. Hey! I will be giving away themed presents on Christmas Eve to everybody that does the poll!

    Please, no alts

    Donations are appreciated no matter how expensive or inexpensive

    Suggestions are also appreciated
  2. Cool!
    I'm curious for the Ocean Explorer kit. :D
  3. I clicked on Enchanter kit :)
  4. Would love to add a míniboss hunters kit to my museum :)
  5. No "Desert Extraordinaire" option, so I just went with Mining :)
  6. i'm so curious, took the miners kit
  7. I love to mine, so I picked the Miners kit.
  8. I love to fight so I picked Armor :p
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  9. Ooh ! Themed gifts, fancy. I chose the potions kit.
  10. One can NEVER have enough mining joy! ;) Thank You!
  11. Every tool comes in handy, unless it's too heavy to wield of course ;)
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  12. oceans all the way down to the deep!!
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  13. Pretty neato of you to do this! Mining kit for the smooth stone!
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  14. So nice of you to do this! :D The options all sound fun! I've gone with the overworld explorer kit, to get ready to do some, you guessed it, overworld exploring. :p
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  15. Miniboss hunting kit! Of course. Except i will replace bow with crossbow for suite shooting style ;)
    Ready to meet these miniboss and beat them! I like their xp except most of them are going into mending enchant.
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  16. i picked mining kit :)
  17. Just finished the poll, if anybody missed their chance to get a present do not worry, you can still message me in game or on the forums and I will have extras :)

    No longer checking the poll as of Tuesday, December 21, at 11:23 EMC time.
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  18. Is there a building kit? I've been on long enough to get pretty much anything I could want, and wanna get into building something big on the server, like a 4-res castle.
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  19. Presents are available at 5950! If you havent gotten one I made extras, just PM me, just no alts please!
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