Premium Teleport

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  1. If you venture too far away from the safe zones in the frontier/wasteland, I think you should be able to pay something like 500r to safely teleport back to the town or something like that...
  2. People would abuse that to do easy transport of expensive stuff found in the wilderness.
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  3. Sorry my friend but teleporting back to spawn even with the cost of 500r would make prices of economy plummet. Plus, this idea was suggested already. -1
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  4. I am working on a base 40k blocks out from the spawn in frontier. It would be nice to have this feature but would this be really fair? It wouldn't be fair to use building supplies and then just teleport back to town to grab an inventory full of more and then make my way back. Just my two cents.
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  5. -1, this has already been suggested, also, 500r is a not much.
  6. There was a nice suggestion for a lead that brings you back into town. I am not too sure of the specifics, but Aikar was thinking about it.
  7. It would be no different than the way I do it now. Just stash your valuables in an enderchest, break your bed and die. Easy trip to town for supplies. I like the idea for new players though, as they may not have an ender chest with them
  8. Even if I considered this idea good, it should be more like 20k-40k at least.

  9. As stated many times before. Teleporting from an established outpost to town is a planned feature for when we have land claiming in the frontier. Any other type of teleporting from / to locations in the /waste or /wild is not going to happen. Sorry.
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  10. I support a command that teleports you to town from the wild/wastes, as long as the cost is 500r per block out.
  11. 500 is a bit much. 20k blocks the minimum from any outpost to make your base itself would be 10m.
  12. -1 there is a live map you can use. Also, the outpost and safe zone is usually found along the lines of 0,0 as coordinates. 500r is way too cheap! If it is at least over 20k depending on how far you are going. This might be possible with a few tweaks, but the chances are less than 1% for this to be added. Also, this has already been suggested. Sorry