Post your single player homes/creations!

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  1. My house is in a modded world. The mod is Biomes O'plenty, which adds 60 new biomes, I think and a few new items. My house is in a Orchard, which naturally spawns APPLE TREES! :D

    From the outside:

    The front entrance:

    My bedroom:

    Still working on it. :)
  3. Yep! :) It adds in new trees, with their own type of planks and logs!
  4. :eek:
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  5. Here's my houseā€¦

    House2.png Best house I've built. xD
    But I do live in it. So it is a house.
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  6. Just looked that up and it is amazing.
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  8. Indeed it is. :)
  9. Banned from single-player too?
  10. Added a shop on! Floor is Red Rock Cobblestone.

  11. And for anyone who wants to see the house as a whole.

  12. Biomes o plenty looks epic from these pictures.
  13. OOOOOoooo think i might build something and SHOW OFF :p (jk)
  14. That is the point of this thread.
  15. I just build dirt houses :D
  16. my issue with single player is... i get bored of what i build, do, collect, whatever.... and since i have the power to just up and delete the world and start over... i do... every day. =\ it gets annoying. sometimes. and no matter how many times i tell myself i will not delete the world... i do. a few days later. no matter how awesome the landscape is. and i couldn't tell you the reason why. lolol
  17. Try a mod. :)
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