My single player world

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  1. So, for christmas I got a new computer. I still have my alpha and beta worlds saved on my kindle (kind of a stupid place, I know, but it works - plus I have no other use for it :p) so they were safe, but my full release world wasn't. It was messed up anyway, so I was going to restart but my laptop broke.

    My living room:

    This has took the most time and I like the results. It's dug into the side of a mountain in a jungle. Previously, this would not have been able to be done on my laptop as Jungles lagged, but now they don't.

    My room:

    Sandstone is my favourite block, so I made that as the wall. And it's a decent size and I can fit everything I want in.

    My Maps:

    My farm:

    Vines do grow over my door but I kill them :p

    Animal pens:

    (Have a chicken pen but I only built that today, I took these photos yesterday except for the next one)

    The T pool:

    This spawned naturually but I beautified it :D <3

    Chicken Pen:

    My minions :D

    Just did this to show you what I do when i'm not on EMC :p
  2. I really need to focus less on PvP and more on Building. :(
  3. My favorite block is also sandstone...
  4. No you don't :p You build nicely but don't think you do.
  5. Nice last thing I built on single player is really starting to annoy me now
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  6. i find it boring on single player, there is no one to talk too.....
  7. Um, yourself? :)
  8. i like to talk to others alot im not a quiet person except at school:p
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  9. I've been inviting my brother on LAN to have PvP fights and stuff - and he lives in a hidden room next to my room :p
  10. good idea i could do somethin like that with friends:D