Post your single player homes/creations!

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  1. oh i have mods. lol. still doesn't help my boredom.
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  2. Try feed the beast, It's hard to get started up in it, but when you do, you'll love it.
  3. that refuses to work on my computer, i've tried. lolol
  4. Have you tried downloading the launcher, Picking the 'Mindcrack' pack and logging in? that normally get's it to work :)
  5. Build the Batcave.
  6. currently building that on my utopian res. ;)
  7. I just got the deadmau5 ears mod XD it RULES

    EDIT: I have 'diamond ears and I think if you install the mod , you can see other players ears :D
  8. Will you be posting any pictures of your creations?
  9. Nice worlds guys! I don't have a single player world :(
  10. Yeah I know that feeling, um how do I explain it?
  11. :/ Still creating :p plus im gonna get off the laptop soon
  12. What is this... Singleplayer?
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  13. Started a single player world just for this, pics soon.
  14. My Minecraft Creation-Real working football-Runs on Redstone.
    The Football Field Ready To Kick:

    The Football Field When You've Made The Field Goal (ITS GOOD sign is out):

    The Redstone for the Anvil (Football) Dropping Mechanism:

    The Redstone for the "ITS GOOD" Board:
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