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  1. Right now, it costs quite a lot of money to remove all the bedrock from your place (3,600,000 rupees to be exact ) and that is just a lot. I thought to myself: What if there was a tool to remove bedrock? So I say why not make the Gold Pickaxe able to mine up bedrock only at your 60x60 residence. This allows the Gold Pickaxe to be actually useful and not some tool that you would use at last resort.

    If you do not like the idea, maybe make it a special tool available only at the Empire /shop.
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  2. I don't understand the whole gold pickaxe being useless thing. Many items go unused because they are rarely attained. I see minimal reason to have it removed so I see minimal reason to have it easily accessible.
  3. Well there is a reason why the price for bedrock removal is high. It's a rupee sink on Emc and besides I remember when this feature wasn't available at all until few months ago. Anyways sorry I don't see this "edit" tool feature being introduce to Emc.
  4. But gold picks are so useful in the nether :p
    They destroy netherrack so fast O_O
  5. So do diamond, iron, stone, wood, and your fist.
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  6. Have you ever used a gold pick in the nether?
  7. Nope. Breaks too easily.
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  8. Then I guess you don't have the right to state this
  9. You can have bedrock removed??
  10. the-more-you-know.png
  11. Oh wow, i didnt know that you could remove bedrock :confused: but if you fell wouldn't you die? or do you have to replace it with another block?
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  12. Lol, I like how 70% of the votes are just saying nicky is pretty xD
  13. Nope, you can leave it open, you don't die in town of course :)
  14. some time in the last year the code was changed from just falling forever until you typed a tp command to town or a res, to an auto tp by the server to any random "safe" block in the area, sadly this random teleportation has destroyed puzzle residences which use the void.
  15. Ohhhhh, makes sense now, Thanks :D