[ POLL ] Your opinion on why the worlds falling apart (CLOSED)

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What do you think is tearing this world apart?

Religion 14 vote(s) 37.8%
Politics 13 vote(s) 35.1%
Scientific Studies 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Other, please comment if chose. 10 vote(s) 27.0%
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  1. So, during our age most of us can say that 10 years ago it was a lot better than todays age. From the shooting in Charleston recently, to ISIS, to riots regularly, we can say our world is some what falling into pieces. So I want your basic opinions on why the worlds falling apart. Either religion, economics, scientific studies ( Some people believe this ), any thing. But Im only going to put 3 choices for the poll "Religion" which does include all religions such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, any thing religious, also "Politics" and "Scientific Studies" like Global Warming, Natural Selection, anything. Im pretty sure this is aloud as I have had proof readers of most beliefs read it and they weren't offended. If you believe its some thing else just comment it, I respect all beliefs.
  2. I would disagree that the world is worse than it was. Tons of advancements have happened since then. I also wouldn't say it is better though. More like new problems have come in to replace old ones. The middle east and terrorism has been a big problem for more than a decade, global warming isn't new, the economy really fell not too long ago but has been slowly improving, and we now know a lot more in terms of science than we did then. The world isn't a perfect place and never will be, but I feel we haven't actually regressed but are instead fighting through new problems that have been growing for a while. Once we finish those problems, we will realize something else needs to be fixed or some other group wants to kill others for a certain reason, but we will still be making progressive. Each problem we solve will teach us things and improve the world we live in. Things can't get better until we acknowledge and see the problem. I would say we are just growing and adapting and as a side affect, we have to deal with extremist groups, ignorance, and trying to bring everyone else up with us.
  3. I would actually disagree with the first sentence ww2. The world's been just as insane and just as depraved now as it was 1,000, 2,000, even 3,000 years ago.

    The only difference between then and now is the flow of communications and the efficiency in which we can do x y and z. We think it's worse now than before because it would take hours, if not days and even weeks, for news of madness to reach our ears. These days, all you have to do is follow Twitter and amateur news videos on YouTube and you'll get blasted with a plethora of insanity in a matter of seconds.

    Trace the history of war in human civilization and you will discover that while technology is antiquated, humanity is just as effective of a killing machine then as it is today. The only difference is we have to get our hands dirty back then. These days, all you need is a long-range fighter/bomber loaded with munitions to cause the same destruction and chaos.
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  4. In the 1960's, at the height of the Cold War, both Americans and Russians lived in near-constant fear that political tension would snap and we'd be raining nuclear weapons on each other. The entire setting of Fallout is based around an alternate-universe "What if?" where that very thing did happen.
    Children in schools would practice drills, in which they hid under their desks and covered their heads, in case of nuclear attack. (Note: this obviously wouldn't do anything useful).
    Meanwhile, two nuclear superpowers played a political chess game with the rest of the globe, positioning armaments and fighting small proxy wars in smaller countries. Vietnam, and the oft-forgotten Korean War, are both products of this greater conflict, as well as several other wars and incidents like the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Bay of Pigs invasion. This also played a key role in establishing the terrorist threats we continue to face in the Middle East, as the US supplied arms and training to cells in places like Afghanistan to fight those proxy battles.

    My point is, the world isn't falling apart any more today than it was 55 years ago, it's just that we're presented with new, different problems, and the ease with which we obtain information (via the Internet) means we're much better informed about all those issues and problems.

    Humanity bickers and fusses, and the Earth spins on...
  5. So your saying that besides 1000 years ago where people weren't being as persecuted for their belief ( all religions apply since all are being tore down ) is the same where terrorist are killing innocent people for a belief? Yes I see what your going at there just what I saw from that.

    Agreed there.

    I see what your doing there, but lets go a little deeper into that. Theres 2 wars going on atm, a physical war among us as people and a world where science is beating up religion and religion is fighting back. So theres always the physical war among us that can be won, but the world where beliefs are fighting each other has been going on so long and when it seems like one side is going to win, some thing pops up.
  6. But do you agree that there is more rumors of war now then there where back then?
    I agree that the world spins on and nothing changes, you just have to look in the perspective of all the nations on the globe, there are so many rumors about israel and afghanastan, USA and China, etc.
  7. Wait, before the show gets underway...

    *Gets out lawn chair, sunglasses, and popcorn*

    Okay, I'm ready
  8. No, I don't agree in the least. If anything, I'd maintain that the Cold War era was even worse in a lot of ways. Look it up sometime - after WWII ended, things were a bloody awful mess until about the 1980's.

    The only difference - and all I'm saying - is that we are better informed today, so it gives the impression that there are more / worse things happening all the time. Are some of them a big deal? Absolutely! The whole ISIS situation, global climate change (and our government's staunch refusal to acknowledge it), the death of Robin Williams - all terrible things. Doesn't mean things were any less terrible 50, 100, or 500 years ago, it's just that we know about all the bad news around us as it's happening.
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  9. No.
    The Cold War was a time when a full scale nuclear war could have happened at any time. There were more wars between countries rather than groups too. Korea, Vietnam, China/Russia border conflicts, Bay of Pigs, the various US led invasions of South America to overthrow Communist leaders. Any of these could have escalated into something much worse than what they were. The only chance of any of the ongoing conflicts around the world turning into something that could literally affect much of the world would be ISIS managing to gain a nuclear weapon and actually using it, North Korea actually "attempting" to use theirs, or Russia invading a NATO country. North Korea already knows that they would become the parking lot of South East Asia if they tried launching a nuke at anyone. Putin isn't stupid enough to attack NATO and expect to get away with it. This only leaves ISIS who might actually be dumb enough to do so, but I doubt that they be able to get a nuclear weapon any time soon.
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  10. Ive been educated, I know about the Cold War pretty well, worst possible time after over 1 million deaths and 3 million Jewish deaths.
    Just looking at a higher perspective, looking in Israel's perspective of being threatened by 5 nations and then US pressuring them to sign a treaty w/ them. Looking at America's perspective as it was founded on a Christian standpoint which is changing so much since the early 1920's when the term "Teenager" was created. You just have to go and ask yourself deeper questions, looking not just in your perspective, but everyone else perspective. Thats what I believe and I think its the only way we can survive w/out killing ourselves in another World War, which may come and I pray it doesn't.
  11. First, there is no way Us and China are going to war anytime soon. It would be suicidal and stupid with next to no gains. The Middle East is a very unstable place (I know that is a bit of a generalization) and Israel already does attacks on neighboring nations. These rumors are either way out there or already happening. Also, you don't seem to realize that the cold war wasn't just the threat of war. It was the threat of total world destruction. Take a look at the Cuban Missile Crisis. We were literally at the door step f nuclear way on our way in. If our president had gone through with what he said he would do, we would be all dead. War sucks, but at least we aren't about to destroy the world or anything at the flip of a button. I also disagree with the idea that the world spins and nothing changes. The world is constantly changing. Sure, we are facing some of the same problems as we once were, but we have learned a ton and many things that people feared are no longer relevant. Our world is always changing in big ways and there is no way we can expect change without conflict.
    Religious persecution was a huge problem and has always been. Let's talk about the crusades, or WW2, the Roman Empire, the early catholic Church. Pick a date and you can certainly find some religion of some kind being persecuted. Religion is something that all people feel so strongly about that they were, and are, willing to do anything to defend on the basis that someone said their God said so. I am not trying to talk bad about religion because most teach peace and good moral values, but religion has a way of taking hold of people and causing them to do often time misguided acts because of it. Finally, most wars that have ever happened have been about a conflict in ideals. I would personally rather have wars fought over conflicting ideals rather than "let's attack Switzerland today because YOLO". When we fight for our ideas it at least shows that we aren't just barbaric monsters. This doesn't make it right, but it restores a slight amount of hope in humanity.
    You are right, the world is pretty messed up, but I don't think we can say that we have regressed that far.

    As far as looking with a deeper perspective, the world still isn't any more messed up as a whole. You can make the argument that certain countries are worse off (which you have done) but trying to then apply those problems and say the world is terrible doesn't help the point. We can look deeper, but when you want to make a claim that the entire world is worse off, you can't point out specific localized problems and how a single country might feel. you need to look at the entire world and how the global landscape has changed.
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  12. And all of these are rumors of wars.

    And as of I checked ISIS is growing tremendously, they can easily get anything they want, they already conquered half a country so I don't see why they can't gain nuclear power.
  13. Other than ISIS they aren't.

    North Korea isn't at war with anyone. (Well technically they are with NATO due to a cease fire being signed in 1953 instead of a peace treaty)
    Russia hasn't attacked a NATO country.

    Getting a nuclear weapon doesn't matter with how much land they have. I have a pretty good feeling that any attempts of theirs to get one would be met with a bullet to the head from a mysterious US sniper.
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  14. Iraq has almost got their bombs from the US, all ISIS really has to do is sweep in and go Rambo as usual and overtake the facility, they have swung in and went Rambo once and succeeded so I think they can do it again.
  15. They are rumors of wars that aren't going to happen. I could say that America is going to to war with England because politics and logic and while a rumor, it doesn't actually mean anything. There is no active threat of it happening. Isis is growing but there is a long jump between taking over half of an already destabilized country and being able to destroy the entire world. Isis isn't going to Rambo in and do anything like launch a nuke because it will certainly end in them being nuked to non-existence.
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  16. >Implying a building housing a Nuclear Weapon in Iraq wouldn't be under guard by the Iraqi/American Army.
    ISIS can muck some crap up when it's against an army with just basic training but put them up with any first world country's army that's in Iraq and it'll be a fast fight against them.
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  17. :D
    Higher perspective, eh? Alright.
    -Your initial post is basically a bullet-point summary of "bad things happening right now," with the ingrained opinion that the world is "falling to pieces."
    -Several others, including myself, are pointing out that "bad things happening now," is not a Sky-Is-Falling scenario, but rather a continuous stream of problems that have been going on... well, more or less since the dawn of recorded history.

    Perspective: So far, the Cold War is the closest we as a species have come to truly wiping ourselves out and making large swaths of the earth uninhabitable. You could easily argue that the ongoing climate change is our next impending Judgement Day, but I don't think that quite captures the reality of it. There won't be a plethora of sudden, global cataclysms, just... change. Bad weather in some regions getting markedly worse, others flooding from rising sea levels, and still others drying out from heat and drought. Weather patterns will change, humanity will adapt, populations will shift, and life will go on.

    As for ISIS, Israel, and the rest - that region of the world has been a hotspot of human conflict since we were wise enough to put bronze on our pointy sticks. The only "perspective" where that looks like the End of the World, is if you live there and have to worry about the constant conflict. Emphasis on constant.
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  18. May I go religious for a bit? If so, not trying to bash yah if so I apologize now, but Jesus says in Matthew 24:6 "You will hear wars and of rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is soon to come" , Jesus says there that in the end of days, there shall be rumors of wars... this suggests that the worlds coming to an end soon. And what are you hearing on most news stations? Wars and rumors of wars, isn't that just a coincidence? That over 2014 years ago this was prophesied and its happening now. Thats just my belief.
  19. I have a whole different perspective on global warming that I will PM you about if needed but that study isn't that accurate, but thats just my two cents.

    You do realize Israel is one of the most popular places for religion? If Israel crumbles I honestly believe there is no more help for our world.
  20. The Bible has been predicting apocalypse for the last two thousand years. Or I should say, religious fanatics have been interpreting it that way, for two millennia. Doesn't mean a thing.
    The only reason ISIS is steamrolling the Iraqis right now is because Obama is trying to be the president who got America out of Iraq and isn't willing to send our troops back in for precision airstrikes and proper military support. That is, the trouble is not that ISIS is all-powerful, but rather that Iraq's army simply isn't up to snuff. They're not as disciplined or well-trained, and they don't fight with the same conviction the Islamic State does.
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