[Poll] What is your favorite EMC feature?

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What is your favorite EMC feature?

Poll closed Sep 7, 2015.
Residence permission flags (build, container, flow, etc. Keep your stuff safe!) 6 vote(s) 15.4%
The /vault (your personal & cross-server storage) 2 vote(s) 5.1%
Eggify animals (get a stick, right click an animal: instant spawn egg!) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
The /stable (the virtual home for your horses) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Residence Teleport System (teleport signs; those can tp you to other places) 1 vote(s) 2.6%
The custom mobs (enraged mobs and/or Marlix or Momentus) 5 vote(s) 12.8%
The shop system (shop signs and shop SLOT signs; sell those items in your shop!) 2 vote(s) 5.1%
Promos! (Who doesn't like a nice & free goodie which is worth a lot more over time?) 11 vote(s) 28.2%
10 different servers and 50 different worlds to explore! 5 vote(s) 12.8%
Other (please comment in a post below, and thanks!) 7 vote(s) 17.9%
  1. Hi gang!

    So this evening I was hunting mobs in the wastelands and going over EMC with a friend. In particular the optional differences in difficulty. I have mine set to 7, my friend uses 3 (iirc). So when I was making some (friendly!) fun of them about how they would never meet an enraged mob or get good drops I also got painfully proven wrong when I was told (and shown) that on that difficulty level enraged mobs can also spawn. (read: get /pm'd "come to /waste nw now" and for sure... enraged mobs..).

    I bow my head in shame & admit defeat. But it was also rightfully deserved ;)

    That got us talking a bit more about all the different features which EMC gives us and yah, I started to wonder which specific feature would be your favorite?

    There are so many different features but I tried to come up with the most obvious and common ones, also because I only have so much options. Originally I was going to include the staff as option but decided against it because it's not really a 'feature'. Slightly off topic: most servers have a staff team.

    Poll closes in 3 months ;)

    I'll share mine later on.

    PS: Finally a poll which doesn't b0rk on me, I was starting to get worried that I couldn't make a right one anymore after having 2 fail on me ;)
  2. My favourite feature in EMC is gravity.

    Other than that, the promos are wonderful! They've been my main asset throughout the years I've been playing EMC.
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  3. There's actually 60 different worlds, including the town worlds!
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  4. I voted for vaults ;)

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  5. Whoops, I forgot to put up the "no trouts pls" sign, sorry ;) Guess that means I'll get no bonus from hashhog :rolleyes:

    (no, no, Mr/Ms. mod sir/madam: I'm not trolling here, I blame smp8! have mercy... nuuu!) :)

    erhm, "moving right along"... Lets forget I ever wrote that :p

    So like, where were we. Oh right: promo's

    Some are actually useful! I really like the workbench promo myself.

    And well, lets not get me started on the pot of gold and the zombie head which spits out haunted candy :)
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  6. Yeah, difficulty doesn't affect custom mob spawns, but on 3 and under they won't auto-attack. ;)

    Residence permissions are essential for the Town system to work, so that's definitely the most important feature. Eggifying animals is just a way to remove the problems of moving animals through town roads, shop systems are essential to any economy server, and /stable is helpful with multiple servers.

    That being said... my favorite update, by far, was the Survival Update (#normalmode). I love seeing the custom mobs around. :)
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  7. I tried to vote :) but I couldn't decide what I liked best :confused: and then I panicked :eek: and had a glass of wine instead. :p

    Mostly though I like the features that make gameplay customizable and give people the flexibility to use their resources how they want (player settings, res permissions, town vs. frontier, etc.).

  8. "Wow i think my favorit feture on Emc is gravity..." -MrGraywolf
  9. #1 feature.... family friendly.
  10. Fav feature is the TEXP
  11. So, as promised....

    When looking back at this poll I think I could have done 2 things different. Although the residence permissions (flags) and the teleportation system are basically 2 separate things they are still somewhat related. So maybe I could have grouped all of that together in "residence features", but oh well...

    Making the poll was actually easier than answering it, there are so many good features to be found on the Empire.. Now, this may look a bit odd considering that I made the poll ("why didn't you include this?") but yah, making the poll and answering it a few days later.. That's different.

    My favorite feature has got to be the chat system. It gets used every day and it provides us with all the freedom we need to talk to other (random) people, just to a group of players, only players on you residence and even strictly private conversations are no problem at all. I still remember to this day how heavily me and my friends used group chat on EMC while we were actually talking about completely offtopic stuff (just coming over from another server does that to you). But it worked...

    It took getting used to but I like it a lot better than the commonly available plugins such as Herochat and such.. It also provides us with a lot more freedom. I mean.. basically you can say that every player has their own semi-private (/tell) or semi-public (R) chat channel...

    Runner up: residence system. I really enjoy all the residence features such as the flags, the teleportation system, the named teleports (those are awesome!) and... Being able to teleport to any other residence I want. I heavily enjoy that too.
  12. I would have to say my favorite "feature" about EMC is the huge Forum, In-Game, Mumble, Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and IRC Chat community ;)

    Oh, EMC's IRC was deleted :(
  13. I voted promos because the voting rewards are my favorite feature and I guess that fits into the promo category
  14. Da community!!!!! :p 'nuff said
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  15. I think alot are cool features, the shops, teleporters and flags are the most important ones, can't choose between those. I also think that some of the promos and some other features are REALY usefull (like labor bench and vault :p)
    and if there weren't features, it would be an awesome server too ;)
    I honestly think the reses are the best feature
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  16. Now, I think the poll is still open and well, a single bump-like message after one month can't hurt I think.

    I'm somewhat coming back on my previous post. Although I do admire and enjoy the residence features such as the teleportation system a lot there's actually one thing I came to enjoy even more. And the fun part? It's so obvious that you'll take it for granted easily, and don't stop a moment to think about it.

    What I'm talking about? Well, my dear reader, this:

    Those aren't enchanted books, in case you're wondering. They're signed books and they contain either stories or messages, like the one I'm showing through my mouse hover.

    This chest originally started out as a book chest; used for enchanted books and book & quils for messaging (I usually have approx. 6 books & quills in storage, as you can see (lower left corner) now only one). The last part took over, especially after I discovered Kephras' bookstore (the row of 5 books and the 2 on top? Kephras' stories).

    The rest are all conversations I had with either friends or random players. And now I just opened this chest again, started reading a conversation (no, not the one from Epic, another which is private) and well....

    I have to change my opinion. The sheer brilliance of the messaging system and the way it actually hooks right into our gameplay (you need a book & quill before you can msg someone, if you don't have that you'll need to resort to the forums)..

    Yes, I actually prefer msging players in-game, and I think it's awesome that sending books to each other is free.

    And there you have it; a small min-rant-bump :p