[Poll] The Infernal - Colorscheme?

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Which Colorscheme?

Gold & Grey Wool 2 vote(s) 4.7%
Iron & Blue Wool 9 vote(s) 20.9%
Iron & Orange Wool 6 vote(s) 14.0%
Iron & Red Wool 26 vote(s) 60.5%
  1. A random poster gets 10,000r
  2. I really like the iron/blue wool and the iron/red wool. However, have you ever experimented with stained glass? I feel like the blue could look good with a bit of light blue stained glass, but I'm no expert, so I guess you'd know better than I. :)
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  3. iron/red would good to me but its up to u
  4. Iron and red wool looks amazing.
  5. Iron/red and iron/blue both look nice.
  6. Random post is random...
    (Me gusta el color rojo)
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  7. Iron/Red Wool or Iron/Blue Wool. Stained glass would push either of them over the top. I would suggest pink glass for the red one and light blue/blue glass for the blue one.
  8. I like iron and orange. It looks really cool.
  9. I like all of them...
  10. Why no green one? :p
  11. For the name 'Infernal' I think the red&iron go best with it, and it looks neat.
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  12. The Blue one and the red one grabbed my attention the most, but all are awesome :)
  13. It's called the Inferno, if it's blue I'd cry. I vote for red.
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  14. I vote blue it looks really nice.
  15. Blue and red are cool, I especially like red :)
  16. Red / Iron. Ditch the wool, go with red stained clay instead. Black glass for window borders, red or pink for remaining glass sections.
  17. All of them look amazing ... but if I were to choose, I would choose the red/iron one, you know as Computrix said, the whole "Infernal" name sounds like fire and stuff, so red/iron one would go with it, but then again o.o all of them looks really good.
  18. Iron and red reminds me of something out of Oblivion, and it is really catchy... I vote iron and red :)
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  19. I love the blue but the orange is good to but blue
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  20. Iron and Orange looks good
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